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History of Muhunoa East by Mr. W.H. Rolston

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In 1968 Mr. W.H. Rolston presented to the Levin Public Library a book called 'Muhunoa East; a short and concise history of the North Island country settlement, situated in the southern part of Manawatu. from its commencement in 1888".
Creation date1968

The contents of this book are now visible through Kete. By clicking on one of the section names below you can see Mr. Rolston's along with other material (such as pictures) sourced from various places including the Horowhenua Historical Society, Kete Horowhenua and the Internet, along with photos taken specifically for this purpose.



Muhunoa East Early Days

Tararua Ranges

Early Travel

Railway Travel

Road Travel


Land Settlement

Saw Mills

Flax Mills

Businesses serving Muhunoa East

Dairy Industry

Post Offices serving Muhunoa East

Schools serving Muhunoa East

Muhunoa East School
- Notes from School Log Book

Muhunoa East Roll of Honour

Ohau School

Ohau Public Hall

Tragedy at Muhunoa East

Spiritual Needs of Muhunoa East

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from the endpages of the book - eastern section from the endpages of the book - western section