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Tararua Ranges

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Chapter from Mr. W.H. Rolston's book on Muhunoa east. Panoramic photo by Trevor Heath.

The district is flanked on the east by the Tararua Ranges, running north and south, the highest peak “The Mitre” rising to 5,154 ft., “Dundas” 4,935 ft., “Bannister” 5,080 ft., “Arete” 4,935 ft. In the middle of their range stands the twin-peaks “Tunui” and “Tuiti” 4,500 ft., directly behind Muhunoa East. It is noteworthy that at the summit of the western peak, which is the higher of the two, there is quite a boggy swamp.

In 1936 a great wind storm smashed down many thousand acres of bush.

A man who was on a tramping expedition in the ranges at that time collapsed and died on the smaller peak and lies buried there.

The forefront of the range is clad in magnificent natural forest, the higher country being tussock. The range itself is some 12 air miles in width and very rugged.

The range begins about 30 miles from Wellington and stretches some 50 miles to the Manawatu Gorge, and covers an area of some 440 square miles. In winter the higher portion when covered in snow presents a magnificent picture.

In 1919 the Tararua Tramping Club was formed and many crossings have been made over the years. Several huts have been built by the club and the crossings made safer.

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