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Ohau Public Hall

Kete Horowhenua2020-03-23T16:47:19+00:00
This Hall was built about the year 1900, and was known as the Ohau Institute. It was situated on Muhunoa West Road about 8 chains from the Main Highway. It was built by the residents, mostly by voluntary labour and was controlled by a committee. It was let for many purposes, religious and otherwise.

The Brethren rented it for their Sunday evening services for many years at the special rent of 2/6 per night.

When the Ohau School burnt down in 1907 school was then held in the Public Hall, until the new school was opened in 1908.

About 1917, the Committee erected a single men’s toilet on the east boundary. This new building caught the eye of some of the young fry in the village who saw fit to go along one dark night and tip it over. One member of the Committee who had suspicions, or heard a whisper as to whom the culprits were, rounded them up and supervised proceedings while they put it back in position. It is good to know that there are still some brave men in the world …

The Hall was destroyed by fire in 1942 and in 1944 a fine new building was erected on the same site, and serves the community well, many and varied functions being held there. [Photos below show the hall in 2007.]

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