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The Chronicle : special 50th jubilee supplement.

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Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Levin Borough.

A 40 page newspaper supplement of articles and photographs, published to commemmorate the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Levin Borough.

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Front Cover Photo Composite
2 Full page advertisement for Macfarlane Transport Company Ltd.

Sawmilling settlement to boom town.

Contents: 1) Levin honours founders at turn of half century of progress and prosperity

2) Beginnings of Levin were centred in Bartholomew's Mill near Roslyn Road.

3) The' thirds' system for road finance.

4) Bought from Maoris for 30/- an acre


1. Manawatu railway company's vision speeded Levin district's development.

2. Levin personalities in earliest days.

3. This date would have made firemen town's pioneers.

4. Maoris missed their train after night-long vigil.

5. Weraroa at the turn of the century.

5 Woman's diary gives an intimate glimpse of how settlers lived.s 2. No police but there was very little lawlessnes.

1. Borough not constituted without struggle ans much opposition.

2. Mayors who have guided destiny of Levin over the past fifty years.

3. They had all promised to make him the Mayor.


1) Meant to name Levin Taitoko

2) Borough Councils down the years


1) Early pupils were plagued by mosquitoes in tiny first school.

2) Fishing and football were preferable


1) Foresight of early planners has given us benefits today.

2) Hotel reception was unthinkable. Mayor entertained his distinguished guests and visitors at home.

3) The :"Town Hall"

10 1) Man pays heavy price for settlement by loss of beauty of countryside.

1) Dairy industry's contribution to growth. Town and country are welded by dual co-operation and aid.

2) Farmer with vision.


1) An early Council "BLOW-UP". How overseer dramatically decided big controversy.

2) Road sealing scheme launched.


1) Land was cheap and terms generous for settler who was willing to clear his holding from bush.

2) Survivors of massacre first to clear bush.

3) Terms of settlement on land in 1889.

14 1) "You will carry a swag if you stay here." Some mill-hands thought town would be doomed when timber "cut out". 2) Mail boy.

1) Bitter blow when Levin site rejected. Invitation to Massey College Ceremony received by Council "With Regret".

2) Why are there so few really old houses?.

3) Laid aside the plough which turned the sod of his pioneer farmland and donned the wig and gown.


1) To "Fix" those "Furious Drivers". County actually proposed to fix broken bottles in road metal.

2) Water made Levin.

3) Days when Weraroa was proud centre of the district.

17 1) One of Levin's early sawmills. Prouse family moved into Levin to establish second sawmill: Sons tell of walk into settlement.
18 1) Mother and daughter were the first of the settlers in Levin block. Other women who set example by tenacity and courage.

1) Crate of fowls, canary and cats came too: pioneer's daughter recalls trek.

2) Woman with kindly heart who likes to aid others.

3) As little girls they saw farms emerging.

4) She set the type in early newspaper.

5) Miss H. E. Bowen epitomises philosophy of the pioneer women - deeds not words.

6) Big rumpus when woman put in charge of new P.O.

7) Will complete her 70th year of residence soon.


1) Faith was spur to the pioneer settlers.

2) Methodist.

3) Levin Baptist.

4) Presbyterian.

5) Roman Catholic.

6) Church of Christ.


1) Salvation Army.

2) Gospel Hall.

3) Anglican.

4) Tale of a bell.

22 1) One of Bradley brothers turns back the pages on his years in Levin

1) Story of Mangahao. Levin streets were lit by electric power before official turn-on.

2) Levin well served by town clerks.

3) Talkies come to Levin.

4) He made the sound effects.


1) High jinks on New Year's Eve in the early days.

2) Levin "Buys" train.

3) Groceries tendered for theatre in naming of town streets.

4) First Mayor overlooked in naming of town streets.


1) Municipal block decried as "White Elephant" in days when first mooted.

2) Those were the days.

3) No flowers for Bonny.

4) Hectic time for firemen.

5) Levin's High Knobs.

6) Concerts were highlights.


1) History of an early trading firm.

2) Town Clerk needs to be a diplomat.


1) Useless pit rapidly becoming eyesore.

2) Early settlers brought that love of rugby which has never diminished.

3) Bikes were his business.

28 1) Racing - from earliest days. 2) Old rivalry between Levin and Weraroa still exists.

1) Surf and life-saving club ensures safe record of beach resort near Levin.

2) Early days rugby was a "come as you please" business.


1) First Plunket nurse made calls on mothers on foot or pedalled a bicycle.

2) Horticultural Society wants Levin as Garden City.

3) How the Century Hall gots its name.

4) Athletic and cycling in Levin date back to 1900.

5) Swimming club has played big part in instruction and baths improvement.

6) Dress rehearsal.

31 1) A. and P. Association shows mirror wealth of district.

1) Women's Institute in Levin was launched by N.Z. founder.

2) Work for peace among nations of world. 3) Tennis first played on wooden court.


1) Levin W.D.F.F. helped to buy Fighter plane: Work embraces many spheres.

2) When Pipe Band was unit of Air Force.

3) Scotty showed 'em!

4) Society aims to preserve traditions of Scotland.

5) How women's Business and Professional Club began.

6) Christian Temperance work for God, Home, Humanity.

7) Levin Little Theatre Society is firmly established with fine prospects ahead.

34 1) The day the Levin Fire Brigade walked out. Firemen told Council that it could "Go to the Blazes".

1) Case of the Model T Fire Engine.

2) Nursery Play Centre.

3) Guides first known as Peace Scouts.

4) Rifle shooting club dates back earlier than 1908.

5) Was engineer and musician in town's earliest days.

6) Tramping in the Tararuas.


1) Fine golf links in Levin product of much solid work.

2) Levin Central second of town's bowling clubs.

3) The toss of a coin.

4) Women's bowling club owes good start to patroness.

5) Levin Bowling Club a company first.

6) R.S.A. Bowling Club began trough Digger's tourney.


1) Badminton forging ahead as sport in Horowhenua.

2) Levin Junior Chamber of Commerce uphold it's aim and object.

3) Girls marching proves popular local sport.

4) Oxford Street trees planted in Queen Victoria's Reign.


1) Humanitarian work of Red Cross local sub-branch.

2) Memory hold the door.

3) Dentist with vision.

4) St. John Association did fine work in community.

5) Vigorous policy leads to remarkable achievements by returned servicemen.

6) Fire board formed.

7) Homesrevicemen's welfare.


1) St. John ambulance upholds tradition.

2) Car club fosters sport and improves driving.

3) Opera and drama in early days capably handled by society.

4) Contribution to peace is made by Corso in Levin.

5) Rotarians - to serve is their deal.

6) Pre-school age child is their concern.

7) Group which encourages an appreciation of the arts.

8) The Navy League is well established in Levin.


1) That story of those Kangaroos was Fair Dinkum - It was fun too.

2) League of mothers offers guidance, companionship.

3) Our front page.

4) Newspaper has served town for over half a century.

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