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The Hydrabad

Kete Horowhenua2020-03-23T17:00:52+00:00
Shipwreck at southern end of Waitarere Beach, Levin.

The HYDRABAD was built in 1865 in Port Glasgow, Scotland. At the time of her wrecking Stephens and Sons, London, owned her.

While bound for Adelaide, Australia from Lyttelton, New Zealand, the ship struck a severe storm on 24 June 1878, and was beached on Waitarere Beach.

Captain Holmwood deliberately drove the vessel onto the beach, hoping to give the crew and passengers a better chance of survival. This was successful, as there was no loss of life.

There were two attempts, in November 1878 and 7 January 1879 to refloat the ship; these were unsuccessful. The vessel was abandoned following fire that was so fierce that the hull plates were buckled. She was insured for £15,000 and her cargo for £24,500.

Click this link to go to Ian Church's book The Wreck of the Hydrabad,1978 - digitised at NZ Electronic Text Centre.

In 1978 the Chronicle newspaper issued a 24-page supplement to mark 100 years since the grounding.