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Levin District High School

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Located in Oxford Street, Levin District High School was created in 1905 when a secondary department was added to the Levin School. It closed in 1939 when Horowhenua College opened.
Type of schoolDistrict High

Written on the back: “Levin District High School. 1907.
F.C. Swanwick, 39 Wilton St. Levin.”

Levin District High School. About 1909.

Pupils of Levin School, 1906?

1908 - Pupils from Levin School pose with their
headmaster Mr James McIntyre

Levin Central School pupils 1908.

Levin School, class P2&3, 1915.

James McIntyre picture from "The Cyclopaedia of New Zealand"1897

Mr James McIntyre 1922.

Photo taken at the time of his retirement as Headmaster of the
Levin District High School in 1922.

He died in Wellington later in the year.

1922: The first page of an Illuminated Address marking thirty years'
service as Headmaster of Levin District High School by
Mr James McIntyre.

After 11 years at the Levin District High School,
Miss Milnes left for South Africa under an exchange scheme.

From: The Evening Post, 18 December 1934.

Levin District High School – Basketball Team, 1930
Pictured are: Avis Lankshear, Loraine Copewell, Nancy Thompson, (?Nancy Thompson?).

Levin District High School – class photo, Form 3a, 1930.

Levin District High School - 1931.

Levin District High School - 1932 - Standard IV A & B.

Levin District High School - 1933 - Standard IV.

Class photo c. 1930? Levin District High School.

Levin District High School – class photo, c.1930.

Levin District High School Rugby 1927

Levin District High School 4th form class photo about 1930

Levin District High School class photo 1924

Levin District High School class photo 1927

When Mr R.J. Foss retired in December 1936 after 14 years as Headmaster of the Levin District High School, a large gathering was held at the Council Chambers to express their appreciation. Click here to read the newspaper account of the occasion.

LEVIN SCHOOL SECONDARY DEPARTMENT CLOSED - From the Evening Post - 16 December 1939:

The Levin School ceases from yesterday to function as a District High School.

The secondary department has been in existence since 1905.

It was the original intention of the Department that the school should have an agricultural bias, but this subject did not count in the matriculation examination and the school languished till the curriculum was altered.

After that it flourished and became easily the largest District High School in New Zealand, with a staff of fifteen teachers.

During the whole 34 years it has had only two regular headmasters, the late Mr. James Mclntyre and Mr. R. J. Foss .

Owing to the many changes that will now take place in the staff farewell gatherings have been numerous. Presentations have been made to Mrs. W. McLeavey, who was for 12 years on the staff, Mr. J. Casey (20) years), and Mr. A. Hinde (21 years).

Mr. W. Thomas, who has been acting headmaster for the past three years, is to be the first principal of the Horowhenua College, which opens in February.