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Harold John RANSOM

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Second son of Vincent and Mary Ann Ransom.
Date of birth11/10/1878
Date of death16/04/1970
Mothers nameMary Ann Knight
Spouses nameMary Ann Catherine SMITH
Mothers date of birth23/11/1852
Spouses date of birth29/11/1879
Mothers place of birthLower Hutt, NZ
Spouses place of birthBulls
Mothers date of death15/02/1950
Spouses date of death15/01/1951
Fathers date of birth30/12/1851
Mothers place of deathLevin. Buried Rongotea Cemetery.
Spouses place of deathPalmerston North. Buried Rongotea.
Fathers nameVincent Christopher Ransom
Fathers place of birthCamdentown, London
Marriage date31/07/1901
Parents date of marriage12/08/1875
Place of marriageSmith Farm, Rongotea
Parents place of marriagePenrose, Home of James Knight, Lower Hutt.
Fathers date of death20/10/1905
Fathers place of deathLevin. Buried Rongotea Cemetery.
SiblingsMyrtle Lillian (1880-1935), Roland James (1883-1951), Arnold Reginald (1887-1973), Oswald Edgar (1888-1975), Hinemoa Cornwall (1889-1914), Norman and Alan (1892. 3 weeks old), Marion Florence (1894-1983), Ethelbert Knight (1876-1947), Wilfred Hamilton (1891-1986)
Fathers occupationFarmer
ChildrenHazel Mildred Kate RANSOM (04/10/1902-21/04/1992), Harold (Son) RANSOM (16/01/1905-17/09/1983) , Rita Vera Jean RANSOM (31/07/1907-12/01/1978), Isabella RANSOM (07/1913-08/07/1913), Lorna Margaret RANSOM (26/08/1920-?)
Buried whereRongotea Cemetery
Places of relevance, , , ,
Place of birthLower Hutt
Place of deathBroadlands, Taupo