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Outbreak In Theatre - People's Picture Theatre - The Evening Post 24 August 1927

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The Evening Post 24 August 1927 reported:

Outbreak In Theatre

Early this morning, a fire was discovered in the People's Picture Theatre. The outbreak started in the.' operating box and spread to the dress circle. The fire brigade succeeded in confining the flames to the roof and the circle, being assisted by the existence of a steel ceiling and walls. Extensive damage was done to the furnishings. The theatre was not used for pictures, but the Operatic Society held a rehearsal there on the previous night The building was owned by Mr. M. J. Suhan, of Levin, and was leased to Mr. J. Rod, of Wellington. The insurances were £4500 on the building, plant, and seating, and £250 on the Player piano, all in the Royal Office.