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Pioneers of Foxton: Book Three

Kete Horowhenua2020-03-23T16:54:14+00:00

Foxton Historical Society compiled a set of four books containing biographies of early Foxton residents.


This booklet has been compiled by members of the Foxton Historical Society in an effort to record something of the lives of the pioneers of this District - from all walks of life. We hope it will stimulate local interest and that more people will offer their family history and thus enable us to produce a series of these booklets.

In this third booklet the following people are featured:


1. William Wintersgill

2. John Tiffin Stewart

3. Ernest Thynne

4. Charles James Pownall

5. Andrew James and Mary Ann Whyte

6. Dr. John Frederick Rockstrow

7. Augustus and Sarah Easton

8. Theophilus and Rebecca Easton