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St Johns Methodist Church Levin 2016

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In 2016 the church building was no longer being used as a church - the congregation having merged with the Levin Uniting Church in Oxford Street, Levin. 24 February 2017 a new church group has been formed, known as the "Levin Hope Centre" have purchased the building, with the intention to restore and use it.

The sale notice described the building property as follows.

The building was described:

- Location cnr Cambridge/Kent Streets, Levin
- Potential redevelopment site
- Land area 726m2, building 230m2
- Rates $1,360.59, 2015/2016
- Zoning Residential

Here are the real estate photos of the building for sale:
Following the photos below, of the existing Church building, is information about the new Group and their intention to rebrand the Church to be known as' " St. John's On Kent".

New beginning for historic church. 24th February 2017 " St. John's On Kent"
by Henry Phillips 17-3-2019

Levin Hope Centre’s pastor Tony Collis in the historic St John’s church building’

Written by Sadie Beckman and published in Horowhenua Chronicle 24 th February 2017

LEVIN Hope Centre’s pastor Tony Collis in the historic St John’s church building, which the group has just purchased and will restore.

An historic Levin church building is set for a new lease of life after sitting empty and neglected for almost a decade.

St John’s Methodist Church first opened its doors in November 1936, and is the oldest church building in the town, with many local people having been christened, married or farewelled beneath its magnificent vaulted timber ceiling.

Now it has been purchased by another church group keen to restore it to its former glory and use it for its original purpose — as a place of worship, and a space for the community.

St John’s housed a large and active congregation for many years until an amalgamation with the local Presbyterian organisation resulted in Levin Uniting Church, rendering it surplus to requirements — its majestic pipe organ silenced seemingly for ever.

It was put on the market but building issues, including earthquake strengthening requirements, saw interested buyers with commercial ideas for the building put off.

However, the Hope Centre, a Levinbased Pentecostal and Evangelical organisation, saw the potential in St John’s, and recognised how special it had always been to the local community.

The group’s pastor, Tony Collis, said they had been in negotiations for a year before an agreement had been reached for a “very reasonable price”, and they would be going ahead with strengthening and restoration work on the building.

He was pleased the church wouldn’t be turned into a restaurant or private residence, which were two of the ideas mooted for it in recent years.

Currently the Hope Centre meets in the buildings behind St John’s, so expanding into it would be able to happen easily, Mr Collis said.

“Services [in St John’s] will be good for people with an interest in the building, and if it means something to them,” he said. “Everybody is welcome.” As many original features as possible will be kept, including the prized pipe organ, meaning music will once again fill the church.

The Hope Centre had already been hard at work cleaning, repairing and revitalising the disused church, ready to bring it back to life. A special rededication service will be held at St John’s which is to be rebranded “St John’s On Kent”, on Wednesday March 1 at 7pm, and is open to anyone who wants to attend, even if they just have memories, or personal interest in the building, Mr Collis said.

St Jons church 1895

This was the first St John's Methodist Church built in Levin in 1895. Actually built on the site next door, north side, to the existing church is now and facing Cambridge Street, 2019.
When the existing church was built in 1936, a home for the minister was built on this site (the old church site)
number 92 Cambridge Street.
The house in the background is facing on to Queen Street.

 HJP 0379 Hope Centre Church Building 3-5 Kent Street, Levin 17-3-2019 was part of St Johns Methodist Church