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Mr. Jeff Fox ( The Propeller man)

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Mr. Jeff Fox, (a builder, designer, vintage car and motor cycle restorer, wood carver ),became involved in vintage aeroplane propeller-making in the early 90s as a ''spin-off'' from doing woodwork for vintage cars, and meeting people involved in aircraft work too.

Blokes and their sheds Dominion Post News 18-3-2014
Blokes' shed enthusiasts were ushered through a workshop treasure trove on Saturday as part of their national conference.
Menzshed Kapiti hosted the conference running from Friday, which included a trip to the workshop of Manakau propeller-maker Jeff Fox.
Fox, a builder, got involved in propeller-making in the early 90s as a ''spin-off'' from doing woodwork for vintage cars, and meeting people involved in aircraft work too.
''I ended up doing work for them, and then propellers for them, and it went from there, really.''Nowadays his work comes from word of mouth, and ''might fill six months of the year in'', he said.The work also helped make for an fascinating visit for the Menzshed group of about 35 visitors, who travelled to his property by bus on Saturday.
Organising committee member Nigel Clough said the entire conference went ''fantastically''.He said about 44 delegates turned up to the conference from around New Zealand.

Jeff Fox Propeller man in his workshop at ManakauJeff ox propeller man A Prop with a history 2014

A World War I aircraft propeller, smuggled to Horowhenua by mail in 1919, has returned for a project to preserve its engineering history.
Manakau propeller maker Jeff Fox brought the original Sopwith Camel propeller, spanning more than 2 metres, back from Taupo about three weeks ago. The propeller came from one of the iconic biplanes flown in France during the Great War.
Fox said he was contacted by Taupo man Tony Long who saw an article about the propeller- maker in an aviation magazine.
Long's propeller came from a Camel flown by his father in France during the war.
After following up an invitation to go to Taupo and look at the piece of wartime history, Fox asked if there was any chance he could make a pattern from it. He was told "you'd better take it then", by Long.
Fox has used the propeller to shape a "master" on a copy router, which he designed and created himself.
The master - half a propeller - can be used as a pattern to shape more propellers for any Camels that are built, he said. Meanwhile Long told the Horowhenua Mail his father Wilfred Long returned to farm north of Levin after the war - and the propeller came with him.
Tony Long said his father enlisted in the cavalry and while in Egypt was wounded and told he was no longer fit for service. "So [they said] 'we'll send you to England and you can learn to fly an aeroplane'." Wilfred Long moved from horseback to aircraft and flew a Camel in combat in France.
When peace was declared Long flew to England where he and other pilots slept in pup tents beside their planes, Tony Long said. "He looked at his mate [in his tent] and said 'we haven't got much out of this war, I've had a bullet in me you're wounded. I want something'." The pair grabbed a spanner then went out and undid the prop off Long's Camel, smuggled it out of the aerodrome "then posted it to New Zealand, by surface mail".
Tony Long said the propeller lived in his father's house till he died in the late 70s, and he has had it ever since. The prop was in Horowhenua for "most of its life" on the family farm north of Levin, he said. Long said he knew little more about his father's wartime experiences because he never liked talking about it. "About the only thing I remember him saying is they [Camels] were a hell of a thing to fly, and if a Jerry got on your tail you just let go of everything and the machine took off. And then he said the trouble was recovering it again."
Fox, a builder, became involved in propeller-making in the early 90s as a spinoff from doing woodwork for vintage cars, and meeting people involved in aircraft work too. He has made propellers for planes from World War I, including a number for Sir Peter Jackson, through to homebuilt aircraft and microlights. The propeller, and a scrapbook of photographs taken during the war by Wilfred Long, will be returned to his son this weekend, and be hung back up on his hallway wall.

A little information about Jeff Fox.
Jeff Fox, Builder, carpenter, Joiner, vintage car and motor cycle restorer, designer and machinery builder, and now a well respected aeroplane propeller maker.
A very talented and respected tradesman.

10-6-2018 The Horowhenua Historical Society held a meeting at Jeff and Kerrie's property at Manakau.

This was a most impressive and informative meeting, with Jeff giving a detailed talk and information about the work he does, projects he has worked on, machinery he has designed and built, and how he goes about his daily business, and finding spare parts for restoration work.
At the conclusion of the meeting, Jeff's wife " Kerrie ", supplied the members with afternoontea. A very interesting and worthwhile meeting

A nicely finished propeller made by Jeff Fox ready for a customer

Jeff Fox Propeller Man 0014 1914-1918 First World War Sopwith Camel areoplane, showing
wooden propeller Sopworth Camel Aeroplane 1914-1918

Clough said the members enjoyed their trip to Fox's shed, part of a busy schedule of workshops and speakers across the weekend. ''What an amazing guy, and so much of it is self taught.'' Fox's work has seen him make propellers for planes from World War I, including a number for Sir Peter Jackson, through to ''homebuilt and microlight stuff''.

'I mainly specialise in the bigger props ... most of my stuff's in the range of six foot to ten foot.''He said the propellers are mainly made from sapele mahogany, American ash, and European beech.The woods are hard, stable, have a straight grain and are light enough, ''under 40 pounds per cubic foot of weight'' by old specifications, to be used for propellers, he said. His propellers are laminated: created by sticking together many layers of the chosen wood with an epoxy adhesive, and held together in a press. The layers in the raw propeller form a fan shape, with the grains laid opposing each other, he said.Once the lamination is completed, the propeller-proper is shaped using a copying machine designed and built by Fox. He has hand carved ''masters'' for the large machine, a copy router, which are used to reproduce the shape on the laminated item.
''The copier follows the master, and machines the 'blank','' he said.Once the general shape has been created there are hours of sanding and balance-checking on the propeller.
''And then there's hours of varnish coats - they've all got a minimum of seven or eight layers of varnish over the props.'' Over the years he has built propellers for planes ranging from Tiger Moths, to Gypsy Moths, to most recently the propellers for a Focke-Wulf Fw 190 replica.
''Quite a few of Peter Jackson's Vintage Aviator collection aircraft I've built props for.''The last job building a three-blade propeller for the replica German fighter came after a flight accident involving its owner, a pilot. ''The guy ran out of fuel and he had to deck it in a paddock and it broke the prop. He picked that up yesterday [the replacement], and he's going to try that one out.''
SIDEBAR Menzsheds are community groups that gather mainly retired men to work on practical projects individually or as a team. It aims to boost members' mental health, and wellbeing. The next annual conference will be in two years in Christchurch.STORY:

Sunday 10 th June 2018 The Horowhenua Historical Society held an afternoon meeting at Jeff and Kerrie Fox property at Manakau. Jeff and Kerrie hosted a most interesting afternoon, showing the members around Jeff's workshop and the work he had done and current workin process. Following are some of the photos taken during the meeting.
Jeff and Kerrie Fox, hosts for the HHS meeting 10-6-2018

Jeff & Kerrie Fox

HHS members Gary Phillips & Mrs Bolitho enjoying the meeting

HSS meeting at Jeff Fox property 18/6/2018 Jeff Fox givng a talk on the tools he
uses and how they work.

Jeff Fox propeller man 0024

Jeff Fox describing a machine he designed and built to make propellers

0030 Jeff Fox propeller Man An interesting corner in Jeff Fox's workshop

Jeff Fox propeller man 0039

Jeff Fox showing a group from Menzshed Organization, around his workshop 8th March 2014
Jeff Fox and Mens Shed groupHorowhenua Historical Society members arriving at meeting at Jeff Fox property in Manakau 10/6/2018

HHS members at meeting at Jeff Fox property

1 Mr Jeff Fox 2 Mr. Tom Hayes President of Horowhenua Historical Society

HSS meeting at Jeff Fox property 10-6-2018

Vintage motor cycles restored by Jeff Fox

Vintage Motor cycles restored by Jeff Fox

More vintage Motor cycles restored by Jeff Fox
Jeff gave a historical talk on every motor cycle that he restored, Where they came from ?, previous owners, how he found parts to do the restoration Very interestingRestored Vintage motor cycles by Jeff Fox 2

Member of HHSociety enjoying looking at the machinery in Jeff Fox's workshop. 10-6- 2018Jeff Fox Propeller Man 007

A busy corner in Jeff Fox's workshop, much of the engineering is done here.

Jeff Fox propeller Man 0012

This old Fire engine is one that Jeff has restored, It's his "pride and joy"
gave a very interesting talk about it's history, about its life as a Fire
to restore it. I have asked Jeff if he could give me a copy of this history
will happen in the near future. HJP.

Jeff Fox 0010

has a very interesting " history ". On the day of the HSS meeting " Jeff"
Engine, were it was used and how he went about finding parts to
so it can be added to this fearure for all to read. When available this

Jeff Fox 0025

Jeff a talk to the HSS members about the equipment in his workshop.
Jeff Fox 0026

Jeff Fox 0028

Jeff Fox 0018

Jeff Fox 0020

Jeff Fox 0019

Jeff Fox 0021

Jeff Fox 0031 Jeff Fox 0009

Kerrie Fox preparing an afternoon tea for the HHS members.

Jeff Fox 0035

Kerrie Fox in Jeff's workshop cafeteria

Jeff Fox 0005

Historical Sosiety president Mr. Tom Hayes thanking the hosts Jeff and Kerrie Fox for their hospitality and demonstrations during the afternoon.

Jeff Fox 0023

In this photo Jeff is explaining how the copy machine is making a replica
of a propeller profile.
Jeff Fox 0029