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His Honour Judge Rogan Presiding
His Honour Judge Smith
Assessor: Hemi Tautau
Clerk to the Court: M Grey
Native Interpreter: T Young

Court opened at 10 a.m.

Kawana Hunia: The war party returned from Wairarapa. They came in canoes and landed at Rangitikei. All the Ngati Apa were at Awamate the Lake. The canoes landed at Rangitikei.

Rangitihaita, Arapata, Rangaheria who had been caught at Oroua and Pikinga went up to Te Awamate. Inia asked for a canoe and it was brought to them. He told the man who brought the canoe who he was and that Rangihaeata was with him. The men in the canoe asked if they came with Rangihaeata in peace. …Inia said yes because he has slept with Pikinga.

They then went in the canoe to the pah and lamented over the prisoners. The bulk of Ngati Apa wanted to kill Rangihaeatea ……. attack made by him when he went down and the prisoners Pauhu and Rangihohia and said Rangihaeatea …… there with Pikinga and Arapata.

Ngati Apa agreed ….. the chiefs of Ngati Apa greeted Rangihaeatea. Pauhu rose to speak. He said Your proceeding is right Rangihaeatea. I thought you had destroyed what you had caught with your own hands but you have taken her to wife. Rangihaeatea then rose to speak and said I have come to visit you (the Ngati Apa). I have returned from Wairarapa. I have come to give back Inia and Pikinga and I will leave Inia with you. The one which has touched my skin Pikinga will accompany me to my place Kawhia. It will be for me to send her back quietly. If I get to Kawhia safely I intend to return here. This journey is not mine it is the Ngati Whatua expedition. When I come back I will bring the old men the women and the children. If I get to Kawhia the Waikato will fight against me.

Rangihauku replied to Rangihaeatea had said and said it is well you’re coming back with your children. The sun is in the heavens and we are speaking here. The Ngati Apa have no evil designs against you. The old chief then recited several karakias binding this peace making. They then finished speaking and Rangihaeatea stayed there many days.

They then gave him some presents on account of the woman consisting of Maori garments and a slab of greenstone. He said to Ngati Apa let us all go to where the war party are encamped and the old chiefs agreed to go. They went out to see the Ngapuhi.

When they got there they danced a war dance. Rauparaha and Tuwhara stood up to greet the other chiefs (Rangihauku and others). When they had finished their greeting they went away. On the following day they reached Whanganui and from thence went on towards Taranaki. I forgot to say when they reached Whanganui they heard that the woman who spared Tihi’s life was dead.

Tihi stated he was only with her one night. She was sorry because she wanted him for a husband. She went after him and was killed at Whanganui. The war party arrived at Taranaki, travelling Atiawa country to Kawhia. They were not long there before they began to fight with the Waikatos. Ngati Whatua went on to their place at Kaipara and came back as far as the source of the Whanganui and came into the river. The people belonging to the mouth and middle portion collected and went inland. Then there was a fight. Whanganuis were armed with stones and wooden weapons. One of the brave chiefs of Whanganui stood up. Wairenga Hamarama was his name. His weapon was a pouwhenua.

When Tuwhara saw him he levelled two guns at him. Tuwhara fired and hit the other men. Tuwhara was loading again and this chief thought he would be killed. When Tuwhara was putting in the bullets he hit him on the ribs and stove them in and Tuwhara fell on the edge of the cliff and fell over. He was taken away by his people in canoes. Peace was made after this at Te Punga.

Ngati Whatua were loosing strength and so would make peace. It was through peace being made they were spared. Among Ngati Toa pas were taken by the Waikato and went into them. They were pursued again by Waikato. One Waikato chief felt sorry for them. Rangihaeatea was the chief. He told Rauparaha to go away and they came away. He was accompanied by Tarahoi, Rangihiroa, Rangiongarere, Pehi and other chiefs. They brought their women with them. They killed the children who amazed them by crying so as to move easily to escape the Waikato. They came by way of Tapirimoko at the suggestion of Pehi. He said let us go through the heart of the Ngati Awa Country as the Ngati Awa were his tribe. Rauparaha wanted to go to Maungatautau to Ngati Raukawa They went right when they took Pehi’s advice. If they gone to Maungatautau they would have been killed. Ngati Raukawa were in great trouble at that time. They arrived on the Ngati Awa country. They left the women and children there and Rauparaha and his son Rangiorariri went back to raise and their disturbance. Rauparaha and his young fought against Waikato and defeated them in one battle. This was at Kawhia.

He then came down to Ngati Awa being pursued by Waikato. The Ngati Awa rose in great force to fight against Waikato. Te Whero Whero, Kanawha and others were the chiefs. There was a great battle and Mama and Hiakai were killed.

After the death of these two chiefs Rauparaha came to Taranaki and the Taranaki tribe wanted to kill him for the murder he had committed on Ruapere. Pehi saved him and Rauparaha came on to the Ngati Ruanui. Pehiturua heard that Ngati Toa had come and he came to see Rangihauku and proposed that Ngati Toa should be killed.

He came also to Rangihiwinui and Tangaru and told them if Ngati Toa came down to kill them. Rangihauku said it would not be right. The Ngati Apa had made an agreement with Rangihaeatea before he left. Pehi Turoa remained in Manawatu. The Ngati Toa were coming on through Patea and Waitotara. Rangihauku called all the chiefs of Ngati Apa together and when collected, addressed them. Tukouohu brother of Te Hakeke about Rangihaeatea also Moko Moko also Tamariki also Kahunui, Pouwhenua, Pinea, Kawa Kahu. And all the chiefs arranged to go out and meet the Ngati Toa.

Ngati Apa then started along the beach and when they got to Whanganui they were joined by Rangiwhakauru who had requested them not to do any evil. He was going out to Rauparaha. Rangiwhakauru knew some of his people were in the Ngati Toa party. These numerous chiefs met Ngati Toa at Waitotara and they said to Rangihaeatea we have come to fetch you. We have not forgotten what passed between us before. He stated then and said it is right you have come out to meet me and I have not forgotten what passed between us either.

When Pehi went up from Manawatu he found he found Ngati Apa and Ngati Toa at Awarua this side of Whanganui. Turoa merely looked at them and went up the river. Ngati Toa and Ngati Apa then came on to Rangitikei ant stopped at Awamate, at the pah. They had been away some years. During this time Ngati Apa had continued to occupy their old pahs and had never been molested.

I brought the Ngati Toa here to sleep in the same bed with me. Te Korou went to Ohau then where the plantations of potatoes were at Oroua and Rangitikei. A few of them went out to cultivate in small parties. I had no murderous intentions. When they had finished their cultivations they returned to Awamate. The Ngati Apa were behaving kindly to the Ngati Toa.

We were living together at Awamate and other places. Had we any evil intentions we could have carried them out. We were a strong tribe. They were there one summer. Rangihaeatea wanted to go to Kapiti where the vessels called. Waka Nene had seen the wreck of a boat at Okatea. Ngati Apa agreed and came down to bring Ngati Toa. There were 60 Ngati Apa. They slept here at Awahou, Moko and Tamariki. And the Ngati Apa will return from here but you go on quietly through the other tribes. Just as Ngati Apa got out on the beach (reaching Paramata) Ngati Toa were killing Muaupoko and Rangitane inland. A woman living at her own place named Waimai was killed by Naharua.

This was the cause of the fighting between these tribes and Ngati Toa. While they were eating this dead one, Rauparaha sent to ask Taheke to come and also Whakaheke. The came up and Rauparaha and this party went along down the coast to Otaki. The people of Waikanae and Otaki simply greeted the Ngati Toa. Rauparaha and his own hapu the Ngati Parakohatu came back again to Ohau. Whakaheke saw an arm bone lying behind one of the houses. The bone was Waimai’s referred to by Keepa in his evidence. We were engaged 8 times with Rauparaha. Ngati Raukawa have stated that they have conquered the people here and on the hills, but the Ngati Toa were beaten by us 8 times. The ancestor upon whom they rely.

I wish to say a few words about Whatanui. He came down in a heke or migration because he was in great trouble through Te Poukenui a battle in which he was defeated Omakukara and Rotoatara. At Whanganui as Keepa stated he got into trouble. His trouble was some of his people were killed and some were taken prisoners.

He returned to his house at Maungatautau and found Whatakaraka had been killed by Ngati Maru. He was killed somewhere near Maungatautau. Te Whatanui then flew to Taupo where he saw the great chief Te Heu Heu. I think the boasting of this tribe had better stop.

At Taupo Whatanui made peace with Whanakau. They had been fighting and Whatanui’s came and he was joined by the Ngati Te Mupohiri tribe. The chiefs of the party were Whatanui, Ahukarama, Taratoa, Te Kaharoa. They came through Turakina. There was one caught there called Whareke. They came on to Rangitikei. They caught two men. They killed them. Te Kiore was spared. There was one called Keeti killed at Oroua. They came on to Manawatu and the war party under my father was coming after them. Whatanui caught some women. These women were not killed. The great chief Whatanui said return them to Muaupoko on account of what had passed between him and Taiweherua. My father’s party were coming to take revenge for the man killed at Turakina. They went to Horowhenua.

Whatanui was still up the Manawatu River. Taiweherua’s wife went to him. Hakeke said Taiweherua is this to be peace. He answered yes. At this time Rauparaha was at Kapiti and we went where we liked. I was not found by Ngati Raukawa in a state of subjection.

I was found walking about doing what I liked. My father and uncle (Turangapito) knew that Muaupoko had agreed to come to Karekare to see Whatanui. Kemp has told you about this. Ngati Apa went back to Rangitikei and Rangitane remained at Manawatu.

Whatanui went to Otaki and Muaupoko were living at Waikawa, Ohau, Waiwiri and Horowhenua. We were living there in a state of prosperity, both Rangitane and Muaupoko. The land between Otaki and Porirua was left as a fighting ground for Muaupoko and Rauparaha (Ngati Toa). His fire did not burn on shore. When Te Pehi’s hapu came through they lit their fires at Waikanae for the first time. I was not ignorant of Rauparaha. I was watching him from behind Whatanui’s back. He was living between Muaupoko and Ngati Awa and Ngati Toa. We drove Te Pehi off but he came back in force and therefore he was able to light his fire.

Muaupoko considered Whatanui a good man as he was living quietly with them. He entered into a solemn compact with the chiefs of Muaupoko. Rangihaeatea came from the Island of Kapiti and came secretly behind Whatanui’s back. Ngati Raukawa and Muaupoko had lived quietly together for 3 years. Ngati Huia were the hapu led by Rangihaeatea. Te Kohera was Whantanuis hapu and made an attack on Papatonga , Ngati Apa and Rangitane said "hello heres somthing bad happening to us through Raukawa" then my father said "never mind"Muaupoko youremain quiet and let us keep quiet si that we can go to the europeans to get some guns. look at the example of ?pokoere they have suffered greatly they are waiting toget gunsand powder which to settle ther quarrel with Whatanui Rangiatea replied "the grief can not be stopped" my father then returned to Rangitiki while on his waya party under Rangiatea came to make peace this was the first time they had a regular peace making between Ngati Toa, Muaupoko Takari and Tuhoriri had been caught at Papaitonga this party came to make peace with Muaupoko there were 50 of them they came to Karopo song sang by Topiroa on account of herdaughter. this song was compsed by Topio killed by me Rangiatea called Te taiwhehirua to come and make peace with him he said our losses are equal and i dont wish kohere matanga to interefere between us they made peace they said each to the other we have done and Muaupoko have not fought once. Rangiatea returnedto Kapiti and Rangi Houkia went to Pokihou to look after the bush which birds were preserved and to see his eel lagon Waiorongomai this time Muapoko were poseded of guns also Rangitane to of Rangihia people had guns the rest maori weapons at Pokihou.they meet a Ngati Raukawa whomthey greeted and passed on this morn went Tepuki and Ahoaho and said he had seen Rangihoia and Puki asked what bussiness he had there armedwith weapons 20 ngati raukwawa went out to follow Rangihoia to follow rangihom and kill him. ngati raukawa saw themand fired at them while they were in the trees one man up atree crawled around the otherside andwas not hit they then left(ngati raukawa)

court adjourned


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