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The house where Corrie was brought up from age 4 or 5 at Hokio Beach Rd, still there as of February 2007. This was originally one-room wide with a passage way to the left. It was modernized in the 1930s, with rooms added to east and new windows and porch at the front. Aunt Lillias later added French doors. Aunt Lillias and her husband continued living in the family home until their deaths. Corrie and Lillias’s father Frank was a poultry farmer, Coventry St and associated factories stand where his chook house and grapes were, and his horse paddock. He kept a draught horse, and a hack, one named Ruby. Frank died here about 1960, as did his wife Dora (Theodora McCutcheon), a severe asthmatic, early in the war years.


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Hokio Beach Road house where Corrie was brought up


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