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Aftermath : Horowhenua begins to count the cost.

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A Daily Chronicle 8-page storm extra wrap-around.
PublisherWilson and Horton
CreatorDaily Chronicle (Levin)
Creation date01/08/2008

Attached to this topic are pdfs of the 8 page colour supplement, plus the Weather segment from the regular edition.


Page 1

Headline 1: It is said that when adversity strikes the true character of a community comes to the fore. In Horowhenua that character was evident in spades.

Photograph: Full page photograph of damage to power lines in Mangahau, Shannon.

Page 2

Headline 1: Race on to restore electricity. "Heavy rain yesterday hampered relief efforts to restore electricity tio isolated Horowhenua residents after 100 millimetres of rain in the Tararua Ranges...."

Headline 2: Good samaritan turns adversity into opportunity. "Foxton man Nigel Williams not only cleaned up the Foxton Primary School grounds but turned the exercise into a fundraising venture..."

Photographs: 1. Nigel Williams cutting firewood at Foxton Primary School, 2. Tree and other debris banked up in the Foxton River and 3. Fulton Hogan contractors cutting branches away from high voltage powerlines in Shannon.

Page 3

Headline 1: No time to change - firefighter to the rescue in her pyjamas! : "Young Levin volunteer firefighter Rebecca Hicks had a day she will remember for a long time..."

Photographs: 1. Rebecca Hicks taking a break, 2. Levin Fire truck, 3. Uprroted tree outside the Horowhenua College marae, Weraroa Road and 3. Trotters fertiliser shed on Koputaroa Road.

Page 4

Headline 1: Stocks of water, batteries sell out : Camping gear, beer, batteries, water, cold meats and coleslaw were in high demand as people rushed to buy provisions during Wednesday's storm..."

Headline 2: Hot food in demand : "Demand in hot food in Levin surged on Wednesday but there was only one restaurant serving it. Despite a mini disaster of their own - damage to their home when a windmill blade smashed through their house - the owners of Phoeniz Garden Restaurant opened for business...."

Photographs: 1. Norca Rugs, Levin, owner Brian Wicks discussing storage of his stock with Roger Nichols, Waitarere Beach deputy fire chief, 2. A fallen blue gum on Kawiu Road and 3. The remnants of the KFC bucket which blew off during the storm.

Page 5

Headline 1: Welcome start to day after storm : "Many parents and pupils of Foxton Primary School had endured 24 hours without electricity. On discovering their plight acting principal Ani Rauhihi yesterday extended a warm welcome and breakfast in the warnth of the school staff room...."

Headline 2: The meals must get through : "With no electricity, winds gusting up to 130kmh and 45 elderly customers relying on their meals being delivered Levin cook Sonia Finlayson took the bull by the horns and got the job done on Wednesday...."

Headline 3: A night in the dark : Brooke Williams (9 yrs), Hone Smith (9 yrs) and Joseph Edmonds (8 yrs) from Foxton tell how they spent their night without electricity in Foxton.

Photographs: 1. Joseph Edmonds (8 yrs), Hone Smith (9 yrs) and Brooke Williams (9 yrs) tucking into breakfast at Foxton Primary School, 2. Sonia Finlayson from Marion's Meals on Wheels. 3. Truck blown onto its side on SH 56 north of Shannon, 4. Brooke Williams, 5. Hone Smith and Joseph Edmonds.

Page 6

Headline 1: Power cut turns into a family affair : "The power cut in Otaki on WEdnesday turned into a special occasion for one family. Instead of eating leftovers or canned food the family created a splendid candlelit dinner...."

Headline 2: MP praises storm effort : "Otaki MP Darren Hughes has thanked emergency services, the Horowhenua DIstrict Council, Electra and locals who are pitching in to deal with thre consequences of this week's extreme weather ..."

Photographs: 1. A power cut meant a candlelit dinner for Rebecca Cowan, Wehi Royal, Bailey Cowan, Kahu Coldstream, Hira Royal and Theresa Coldstream, 2. Car crash at corner of Bath and Salisbury Street, 3. A fallen tree on Kawiu Road blocks vehicular access.

Page 7

Headline 1: Through all of this not once have we been forgotten: "A Levin couple have nothing but praise for the local Fire Brigade members who sheltered them from harm during Wednesday's violent windstorm. Bill and Margaret Tottenham were taken to the fire station after firefighters were called to their home in Mako Mako Road home ..."

Photographs: 1. Bill and Margaret Tottenham at Levin Fire Station, 2. Uprooted trees by the bailey bridge at Muhunoa East Road, 3. Shane Douglas of Muhunoa East Road with his damaged greenhouse and 4. Fulton Hogan workers clearing trees on Main Road South, Levin.

Page 8

Headline: These photographs supplied by Electra show the damage they had to contend with and the force of the wind whipping power lines in Horowhenua on Wednesday. The photographs are of the 33,000 volt lines from Mangahao at Shannon that supply power to Horowhenua from the national grid.

Photographs: 5


Headlines: 'Downslope' winds did the damage in Horowhenua : "The waves, wind and rain which have battered the country this week were nowhere near as powerful as those in the Wahine Storm - but had a big impact because it was so moving........... In Horowhenua and southern Manawatu, where there was extensive damage from a day-long windstorm, the prevailing winds were from the west, which meant trees were more vulnerable to the big easterly. "A westerly wind of the same speed wouldn't havecaused anywhere near as much damage," said Mr Duncan. ....."