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Foxton 1888 - 1988 The first 100 years

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Editor, Tony Hunt has agreed to allow a digital version of this book to be added to Kete Horowhenua. Each chapter has been loaded as a separate topic. We invite comments, additions and general discussion.
PublisherKerslake, Billens and Humphrey Ltd, Levin
CreatorA. N. (Tony) Hunt (Editor)
Creation date1987


The digitizing of this history of the Borough of Foxton is aimed at making access to the publication easier for the public.

The original book was written and researched by ten members of the Foxton Historical Society who all did their own research.

They were reliant on various sources, both written and oral, available in the 1980s. Some of these sources contained errors and unfortunately some were included in the text, along with editorial errors which were not identified.
Those that have become known have been corrected during the digitizing.
If your think you have located others please let us know by adding a comment using the link near the bottom of the page.Once any possible corrections have been verified the corrections will be made.
Tony Hunt


Foreword by Mayor Bob Fraser Bob Fraser
1 The Setting - T. Hunt T. Hunt
2 Settlement T. Hunt
3 The Borough - The First Fifty Years
T. Hunt
4 The Borough - The Second Fifty Years J. Titcombe
5 The Port and the Railway K. Cassells
6 Other Communications
M. Mitchell
7 Flax Town I.Matheson
8 Other Industry V. Hayes and M. Speirs
9 Professional and Medical Services M. Malthus
10 Commerce T. Hunt
11 Education M. Flynn
12 Community Service T. Hunt and T. Murphy
13 Recreation and Entertainment T. Hunt
14 Sport T. Hunt
15 The Future
T. Hunt
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