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The family gathered afterwards for a five generation photograph. Baby, Mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and great, great grandmother.

Page 54 Foxton Maternity Home Phyllis Lash and her sister Doreen 1927

Doreen + Phyllis (1927)

Is lhis where it all began, - the caring and love for babies and people?

Phyllis and sister Doreen with new Christmas dolls.

Verna King,

The lady who kept the maternity home free of food scraps. She would come in with her bucket and retrieve them for her chooks, then at a later date, would leave the bucket for someone to place through a hole in the hedge into her property next door.

Sister Lash remembers putting the scrap bucket through a hole in the hedge for Verna, for a year or more not knowing that the hens no longer existed. The scraps were nevertheless always put to good use as compost in Verna's glass houses for all that time.

Verna often brought some of her home-grown delicious tomatoes over for the Homes staff to use, and they were always most welcome.

Neal Hunt retired as Mayor of Foxton at the end of the term - he had taken on the mantle as mayor after the passing of Stuart Donnelly ,- (but he continued in the Action Committee as secretary, sending off letters etc on behalf of Mayor J L Titcombe.)

"Life is rather like a bucket.

You won't get anything out of it unless you put something into it first."

(Duke of Edinburgh)


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