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Present: Cr Mackenzie (who presided until the Mayor’s arrival) Levy, Ryder, Hall, Palmer, R Prouse and Hankins. The Mayor and Crs Hudson and J Prouse arriving later.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Correspondence: A letter from the Secretary of the Levin Fire Brigade was read. On the motion of Cr Levy, seconded by Cr J Prouse it was carried “That the Levin Fire Brigade be requested to appoint a deputation to wait upon this Council so that the Brigade’s

requirements may be considered”.

A letter was read from Mr C Williams re state of fence by gravel reserve. It was left with Cr Hankins and R Prouse to deal with the matter.

Reports – Reserve Committee reported having met on 1st August - Correspondence was passing between the Committee and the Crown Lands Commissioner re the reserves in the town and it was expected that further information as to rents etc., could be placed before the Council.

Streets Committee – Reported that permission had been given to erect a verandah in Oxford Street (had been given) but a request by Mr Hitchings had been held over - the request being permission to erect a stable on Sec 3 Block I Railway Reserve. This committee also reported that Mr Akenson contractor for delivery of metal, had been allowed, if necessary, to delay delivery for a fortnight.

Sanitation and Lighting Committee reported that the District Health Officer would shortly visit Levin re nightsoil depot etc.,

Head Surfaceman’s report was read and authority asked for construction of a new culvert. It was resolved on the motion of Cr Palmer, seconded by Cr Hankins “That the Surfaceman be instructed to put in a culvert at the junction of Stuckey and Oxford Streets”.

The Council went into committee to consider tenders for widening formation of Winchester Street. On resuming it was reported that three renders were received and in the motion of Cr Levy seconded by Cr Hall it was carried “That the tender of Winter and Close for work in Winchester Street be accepted”. (Price £ 17).

Moved by Cr Hankins and seconded by the Mayor “That Mr P K Patton’s tender of 10/- per week for lighting the Kitson Lamp be accepted.”

Discussion ensued on the lighting of the Town and on the motion of Cr Hudson seconded by Cr Hankins it was resolved “That the Lighting Committee be asked to make a full and exhaustive report on the Lighting of the Town, with a view to installing some good and permanent lights “.

It was decided to meet on Monday evening the 13th inst to consider the proposed By-laws for the Borough.

The Mayor stated that in an interview with the member for the District it was decided that a request was to be made to the Government for a grant towards a Map and levels for the Borough and also a grant for certain roads. The Mayor also spoke of complaints received by the Veterinary Department re Mr Bulls slaughterhouse, this matter was however held over as was the question of the Mako Mako Railway Crossing introduced by Cr Palmer.

The following accounts were passed for payment.

P W Goldsmith – Salary


G Astridge – Nightwatchman


I Hook – Surfaceman

11 5

T Gregory ditto

8 4

A Edwards - Carting

2 14

N Akensen – progress payment


P Patten – Lamplighting

4 4 4

Palmerston North Gas Company – Tar

2 5 10

Hudson & Easther (NZ Acc. Insurance)


Swanson & Bevan Ltd (Ocean Acc. Insurance)

1 17 4

N C Holdaway a/c

1 10 6

B R Gardener and Co. a/c

16 11

G J Perry and Co a/c

10 6

A Palmer a/c

14 0

A Musgrove – Pound

3 0

C Wilson , Ranger – salary

8 4

McDonald cart 1/9d, Hook – ditto 3/6d.

5 3

Railage 7/5d. Type Ribbon 3/6d.

10 11

£ 91 9 11


Aug 20. 1906


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Minutes of Council Meeting 6 August 1906


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