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Arty Vicky

Kete Horowhenua2020-03-23T16:49:33+00:00
Levin artist, Vicky Millman, calls herself Arty Vicky.
Date of birth27,12,1958
Exhibitions and performancesColours of my Soul exhibition at TeTakere, November 2017
MediaAcrylic and mixed media
Contact phone number06 3688583
Contact postal address5 Earl St
Contact email

I chose the name Arty Vicky in 2014 after a Google search for a name that had not been claimed already. I work in a wide variety of materials. I paint in acrylics, on canvas, fabric, plywood and driftwood.

I've sculpted with clay, paper mache, polymer clay, Baking Soda clay, Pal Tiya, Paverpol, Darjit, expanding builder's foam and florist's oasis.

I am always exploring new materials and new ways of expressing my self with art.