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A scene now disappeared forever-acres of flax growing in the Makerua swamp.

The leaf of the native New Zealand flax plant contains a strong coarse fibre which was made into ropes and cordage, and in later years, woolpacks and bindertwine.

The leaves of the plant are 3 ft to loft long and 3 inches to 4 inches wide when fully grown.

It took the flaxplant 3 to 4 years to grow to a sufficient size to allow cutting.

Note the seed stalks growing above the flax which the flaxies called "claddy-sticks."

The bush in the background marked the boundary of the swamp and was a popular hunting area.

Photo: J. McNeile - used in Bob Ayson's book Miranui.


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Acres of flax growing in the Makerua Swamp


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