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Present : The Mayor (Mr B R Gardener), Councillors Hall, Hawkins, Hudson, Levy, Mackenzie, Palmer, R Prouse and Ryder. Leave of absence was granted to Cr J Prouse for the present meeting.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Correspondence was then dealt with. A letter from Mr Park on behalf of Mr Tuohy regarding a claim for damages through fire was dealt with by the following resolution : viz: Moved by Cr Levy and seconded by Cr Hall and carried : “That the letter from Mr A S Park, Solicitor, be referred to the Borough Solicitor Mr Prendergast”.

A letter was received from Mr Phipps complaining of the ill treatment of a cow owned by him at the hands of the Borough Ranger. It was also stated at the Council Table that offensive language had been used by the Ranger in the public street on a recent date. On the motion of Cr Palmer and seconded by Cr Ryder it was resolved “That the Town Clerk be instructed to write to Mr C Wilson re the complaints of Mr Phipps, also drawing his attention to the fact of his using abusive language on public streets whilst acting in his capacity as Ranger”.

A statement of Accounts as between the Horowhenua County and the Levin Borough was received from the County Council. This showed that at date the Borough was indebted to the County to the amount of £ 214.16.7 with regard to outstanding rates. It was moved by Cr Levy and seconded by Cr Hall and carried “That the Horowhenua County Council be requested to sue for the unpaid 1905-6 rates within the Borough before the time limit expires”.

The following resolutions were carried unanimously ‘

Crs Hall-Levy “That the next meeting of the Council be a Special Meeting to consider the weekly half holiday.”

Crs The Mayor – Ryder “That Mr Hook the Road Overseer be “granted holidays from the 25th December 1906 till the 2nd Jan “1907”.

Crs Hall – Levy “That Mr Gregory, casual employee, be allowed “Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day as holidays on full pay”.

The Returning Officer for the Borough reported that the polling on the 12th inst, resulted as follows:-

Loan Proposals submitted to ratepayers and freeholders –

1). To borrow £ 375 for purchase of pt Section 67 now occupied by Mr Lange.

For the proposal 81

Against the proposal 20

Informal 3

2). To borrow £ 375 for purchase of part section 26 now owned by Mr A Corson.

For the proposal 81

Against the proposal 23

Informal nil

Result of Polling - Both Proposals carried.

Councillor Mackenzie applied for and was granted six weeks leave of absence.

Accounts passed for payment :

J Hook, Surfaceman £ 11. 14. 00

Astridge, G, £18, Gregory T £10.8 28. 8. 00

Levin Express Co. Cartge. £1.16.0

P Patten £ 5.11.6 7. 7. 6

Gardeners a/c 11/6d. Gibsons, 4/9d 16. 3

C Wilson, Ranger (Salary to 17 Dec) 8. 4

R W Goldsmith £8. Miss Palmer 2/6d. 8. 2. 6

£56. 16. 7

Mayor ‘B R Gardener’

Jan 7th 1907


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Minutes of Council Meeting 17 December 1906


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