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Town and Country Players - AvonValley Theatre, Ihakara

Kete Horowhenua2020-03-23T16:51:42+00:00
Interlude (Avonvalley, Ihakara) Horowhenua drama group established in 1973. Members included Barbara Wardle, Ronald Hubbard, Tim Jago, Tony Dreaver, Eleanore van der Reyden, David Robb, Claire Hathaway, David Swain, Merv Lewis, Rachel Ford-Hathaway, Don Yeates, Terry O'Callaghan, Ray Harrison, Donna A'Court, Elizabeth Kerr. From:

HELP !!! Do you have any information regarding this theatre group? - if do contact Pippa at the Levin Library or at Kete Horowhenua.