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February 9, 2019

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heavy traffic passing through levin 2018,
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HJP 0163 Large Truck travelling in Oxford Street Levin 15-8-2018 10.40am in the morning
HJP 0161 Heavy Truck travelling through Oxford Street Levin 15-8-2018 10.00 am in the morning
HJP 016  Large car transporter travelling through Levin 15-8-2018 10.00 am
HJP  0159  Large truck and trailer unit in Oxford Street Levin 9.45 am 15-8-2018
IMG_0039  HJP 0165  Heavy transport big fuel tanker passing through Oxford Street Levin 15-8-2018
HJP 0164 Heavy Traffic passing through Levin 2018
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HJP 0362 Mayor Hits Out at Traffic in Levin as reported in the Horowhenua Mail by Jono Galuska  7-3-2019
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HJP 0166  Heavy transport passing through Oxford Street Levin 15-8-2018 10 am in the morning

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