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How to Care for Your Poultry

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STOP PRESS: Volume 2 available mid December 2012!!! More on keeping chickens, a sequel to the successful volume 1 A New Zealand publication by Nadene Hall and Sue Clarke in association with New Zealand Lifestyle Block.
PublisherNew Zealand Lifestyle Block
CreatorNadene Hall and Sue Clarke
Creation dateNovember 2010

This beautifully illustrated book covers all aspects of keeping poultry:

How to Care for Your Poultry volume 2

  • Gardening with chickens
  • Organics
  • Making your own coop
  • Health and condition
  • Parasites
  • Feeds and preparing your own diet
  • Breeding and preparing a show winner
  • Management
  • All about eggs-and how to use the surplus

This is an excellent book for anyone interested in chickens.

It is available directly from Sue Clarke (the author) in Levin at a cost of $19.90 (including GST) - get your copy now from Sue

McLeavey Road
RD 20
Levin 5570

  • or from the New Zealand Lifestyle Block website:

Sue Clarke, who currently lives on a farm close to Levin says:

Growing up in rural Yorkshire, I started keeping poultry at the age of 12 and built up a flock of motley bantams, some Anconas, a Silkie and a pair of Sebright bantams. At the age of 14 I went 'commercial' and bought 50 Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex pullet chicks to rear for eggs, and 12 cockerels to fatten for Christmas.

[... read more in the book! ...]

... my main passion these days is helping people new to poultry to understand how chickens work, and helping to solve their poultry problems.

Sue currently writes a monthly column in the New Zealand Lifestyle Block magazine - of which Nadene Hall is the editor.