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What Did You Do in the War

Kete Horowhenua2020-03-23T16:47:19+00:00
On 15 June 1997, at the Methodist Church Hall, Kent Street, Levin, members of the Horowhenua Historical Society reminisced on what they did during WWII.
While some stayed in New Zealand and contributed to the war effort here, others travelled to overseas locations.
Corrie Swanwick spoke about the Government Services Vegetable Project:
Mr Bert Richards continued to work as an electrician during the war:
Mr Jack Blenkhorn saw service in the Pacific:
Mr Jack Blenkhorn a. When war broke out he was farming with his 2 brothers in Levin. 45 sec.

b. He was held back from 'joining up' for 1 year until a replacement could be found to work on his farm. 1 min 5 sec.

c. In September 1941 he entered the Army. 1 min

d. Commandos were needed to fight the Japanese in the Pacific, so with 100 New Zealanders, Jack undertook training in Australia. 44 sec.

e. Nylon stockings! 43 sec.

f. Had a good time camping on showgrounds in Sydney. 1 min 6 sec.

g. British Army supplied tanks for NZ and he returned to Waiouru to train as Tank Squadron. 1 min 5 sec.

h. In 1943 was sent to Guadacanal and then to the Solomon Islands. 47 sec.

i. Talks about war Italy. 1 min 9 sec.

j. Younger brother David served with the British Navy in the North Sea. 24 sec.

k. Recounted how they got beer into camp at Waiouru. 1 min 51 sec.

l. One thousand gallons of Vermouth 1 min 43 sec.

m. Marching through the Red Light district in Sydney. 1 min 11 sec.

n. Getting an advance on pay in Sydney 1 min 17 sec.

o. Solomen Islands were a dreadful place 1 min 34 sec.

p. He enjoyed good relationships with the Americans. 54 sec.

q. Talks about times in the Solomens with the Americans 1 min 13 sec.
An unidentified speaker recounts his time in the Pacific:
Mrs Monica Hunt recalls her memories of being a child in the war: