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Diary of Herbert (Bert) Denton

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The Denton family have made available extracts from the diary kept by Bert Denton (22/12/1876 - 12/01/1955) from 1904 to 1954.
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1904 Jan. 1: Mr Adkin and I rode over to look at my big Bullocks on lower hills. Inspected house on way home. Everything satisfactory.


28 Jan. About 2am. we had first indication baby was coming so after I had roused Mrs Ward to sit with Jen I caught "Jack" & drove for Dr Kennedy & Mrs Smithson.
1906 3 Feb. Clare Adkin left for Wanganui Girls College for a year's schooling
1907 15 Jan. Received notice from H. Ward that he intends to quit the milking in 6 months
1908 20 Feb. In afternoon packed up our things for holiday at Plimmerton & left for Wellington by mail train leaving "swags" at Plimmerton en route. Stayed at Fern Hill

1 Jan. Beautiful day spending holiday at beach in Prouse's cottage. Adkins family & W.R. Wilson family visited us. Had a bathe & enjoyable day. Dora stayed with us.

Group at Hokio Beach - Adkin photo - 1 Jan 1909

1910 1 Jan. Fine. Went up river in motor launch owned by Mr Walker a friend of Franks. Had a most enjoyable picnic about 2 miles above Kennedy's. Some delay on return journey owing to engine getting out of gear. Croquet at Walkers until dusk. Home late
1911 10 Jan. Jan so much improved that we decided to make the trip to Masterton, although we had practically given up the idea last night. Leslie & Clare travelled with us & we had a splendid trip, the weather being perfect.
1912 17 Jan. Opening Baths in afternoon
1913 Jan. 08 Went to Wool Sales in Town Hall Wellington. First time that I have attended large sale so I was very interested.
1914 Jan. 5 Got wire from Perc. to say that he was coming by 8 train so drove down to meet him & Norrie
1915 Jan. 7 (Thurs) Showery. Up at 4am & called for Gordon & went up Becher's Hill & mustered my two tooths which have been grazing there for 9 weeks.
1916 Jan. 1 (Sat) At home. Botanical Gardens. Pictures
1917 Jan. 6 Miss Bowles & family gone to Wellington. Bradley drove then to morning train. Mt Percy Denton & family came by mid-day train
1918 Jan. 5 Sat. Helped Mr Adkin get his hay in. Later went to stay with Mr Stewart, very unwell.
1919 Jan. 8 Wed. I took Enid and George to the station. They are going to Wellington for a few days.
1920 Jan. 5 Mon. Sledged boulders to cowshed to pave yard. Drove to meet children arrived from Wellington after staying with Rob & Carrie tor a fortnight.
1921 Jan. 1 Sat. Fine. Odd jobs round house in morning. Afternoon we drove up Ohau taking Edith and Kate with us. Had bathe. Very enjoyable. Home 7 pm.

Jan. 2 Mon. Gerald Beckett up in afternoon. Children returned from beach.


Jan. 1 Mon Enid and Jack went to beach for picnic with Vickers and Co. George and I helped Percy Port take in his hay.

1924 Jan. 1 Tues. All went to picnic up Ohau. Big party Vickers, Dentons. Irvines, Hamiltons, Jacks, Stewarts. Percy Ports machine went sour on him and I assisted to milk by hand 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
1925 Jan. 1 Thurs. Fine. We all went to picnic at Ohau River, top Kimberley Road. Rev and Mrs Davies, Mrs Kirkcaldie and Mrs Vickers there, enjoyable day.
1926 Jan. 2 Sat. Fine. Took Edith to early train. Mrs Dr. Bryson came up to look at Enid's foot which she dressed. George and Jack went to sports (electric light).
1927 Jan. 1 Sat. Shirley, John and I and children went to Fox-ton Beach for a run. Enjoyable day. Big crowd there - must have been nearly 400 cars there.
1928 Jan. 1 Sun. Fine and very hot. At home all day. Shirley and I went to Tullys in afternoon.
1929 Jan. 1 Tues. Heavy showers. Thought at one stage that weather would clear so started off to Waikanae but turned back at Manakau. Took children in afternoon over to Clare's place to see Edith. Evening Mr & Mrs C.G. Wilson came up to dinner (poultry) and played cards in evening.
1930 Jan. 1 Wed. I took Nella & John Appleby to meet Napier Train when they went on to Dannevirke. I took Lois who has had a bad finger for some little while to Bill Donnelly's. I removed nail which was loose. Went to bowls in afternoon.
1931 Jan. 1 Thurs. New Years Day. Beautiful weather. Helen Beckett arrived by car and we all went to Waitarere Beach for the day. Very enjoyable - two bathes. Got very sunburnt.