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The Kete Handbook

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Training Material designed to help get you started on Kete.
Creation date2008
Getting Started

1.1 Registering with Kete

In order to add or update things in Kete, you need to Register – this only needs to be done once.

1.2 Login to Kete

In order to add or update things in Kete (once you are registered) you need to Login. You will find this very easy as you will do it a lot!

1.3 The Structure of Kete
Kete is a large database of records: • topics • images (or photographs) • audio • videos • web links • documents.
2. Finding and Fixing Things in Kete
2.1 Finding Things in Kete
There are lots of things in Kete – e.g. over 12,000 pictures and over 1,300 topics – and there are many ways to access them.
2.2 Fixing Things in Kete
Anyone can add or change the information in Kete. In fact Kete can be improved by your input.
3. Adding Things to Kete
3.1 Topics Topics are the way to gather items together into subject clusters. They are easy to add. They tell the story.
3.2 Pictures Kete can store digital images (or pictures). Most common picture formats can be used (e.g. jpg).
3.3 Documents In addition to typing material directly into Kete, you can attach existing documents so that people can see the actual document.
3.4 Audio You can add digital audio files to Kete for such things as: • oral histories, • interviews, • stories, • music, • bird song.
3.5 Video Kete can also hold digital video files. These may be: • events, • interviews, • fun videos such as things you might put on YouTube.

Web Links You can put links to web pages or sites into Kete. This is useful for: • sites that forbid you to copy material from – check the Copyright statement! • or ones which you are unable to copy from (e.g. YouTube).
4. Making order with Kete
4.1 Organising YOUR material in Kete
You can choose how to organise your material in Kete. While this instruction sheet provides a few ideas, please feel free to ignore it and do it your way!
4.2 Linking Things in Kete
• Linking allows you to combine material already in Kete in new ways. • You can link a topic to another topic. • or you can link items to a topic (e.g. you can link existing pictures, audio, documents and web links to a topic).
5. The Text Editor Explained
The Text Editor allows you to change the format of the description.
6. Tricks for making topics look different
6.1 Inserting pictures in a topic - Internet Explorer
A picture can be put beside the text of a topic. This makes the topic look more interesting and easier to read. The instructions vary with your browser - this version is for Internet Explorer.
6.1 Inserting pictures in a topic - Mozilla Firefox
A picture can be put beside the text of a topic. This makes the topic look more interesting and easier to read. The instructions vary with your browser - this version is for Mozilla Firefox.
6.2 Using tables to organise lists
Tables are a neat way of presenting a lot of words.
6.3 Creating Hot Links
Clicking on a Hot Link takes you to another place in the Internet. The Hot Link can be put on words or pictures.
7. Case Studies
7.1 Genealogy - The Burr Family
• Many people are interested in researching their family history or genealogy. • We thought Kete could be used to publish such findings. • We experimented with the histories of two local families – the Burr family is the first one.
7.2 Genealogy - The Ransom Family
• The second genealogy we experimented with is that of the Ransom family. • We took a different approach from that of the Amos Burr family (discussed in sheet 7.1).
7.3 Using Kete as a photo album
• Kete can be used to create pages like a photo album. • This allows you to share your photos with the world. • To record significant events, quirky moments and have fun.
7.4 Making an Art Portfolio
• Artists can use Kete to publish a portfolio of their work.
7.5 Club Newsletters in Kete
Clubs can use Kete to distribute newsletters … The advantage of this include: • No photocopying costs. • No postage costs. • Members can use the Kete RSS feed facility to be advised of any updates.
7.6 Publishing Work in Kete
Kete provides users with a publishing forum. This can be used for: • creative writing, • historical essays, • republishing material which is no longer covered by Copyright.
8. Other Tricks in Kete
These are useful things that don’t really belong anywhere else!