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The Closure:

Palmerston North Hospital Board Internal Office Memorandum


Mr J Stuart, Chief Medical Records Officer, to Chief Nursing Officer

Re: Records Foxton Maternity Home

"I wish to advise that I proceeded to Foxton Maternity Home on Friday 4th February 1983, accompanied by Mr D Petherick to remove the Maternity Home records and Registers from Foxton to put into the archives at Palmerston North Hospital.
We removed a two drawer filing cabinet which housed current Maternity records plus the main Foxton Maternity Home "Register" which went back to 1942. These are now archives and are available for any personnel requiring them.
I was unable to locate any of the early Foxton Maternity records, and in spite of thorough search of the home I am still unable to locate these records.

The Last Day - December 24th 1982

The final get-together for the staff at their beloved workplace...

"Afternoon tea and Christmas-Cake in the Staff-room at 3.00pm"

On this final day, everyone worked hard emptying the rooms and packing large hospital linen-bags full of everything that was movable, which then made the Home soun hollow, cold and unfriendly. Workmen from Palmerston North Hospital added to the sad occasion as they placed dead-locks on each room, their impersonal hammering echoing loudly, then, they cut down the Foxton Maternity Home sign from the frontage of the section, which made the, "End" all so final.

The Principal Nursing Officer, Miss Persen had arrived in the morning to give instruction; on the clearing-out process to the nurse-aids. She was persuaded to postpone her after-lunch locking up, so the staff could have their final gathering, which began at 3.00pm.
Dr Malthus and his wife Mary arrived to join the forced joyless episode of the end of an era.

A small ceremony of a silent speech was executed at 5pm.

"It is an end of an era, the end of something special." said Sister Lash.

All staff then walked out and in a final gesture,
Shut and locked the door firmly behind them.



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