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Page 56 Foxton Maternity Home Letter of Closure 1982


13th April 1982
Mayor Foxton Borough Council
P 0 Box 182

Dear Mr.Titcombe,

This letter serves to confirm the Board's decision, widely publicised in the news media, that it seek the approval of the Minister of Health in terms of section 55(1)(a) of the Hospitals Act 1957, to the closure of the Foxton Maternity Hospital.

Obviously the Board did not take this decision lightly and, as you are probably aware, the closure motion was carried by the casting vote of the Chairman. It is also true to say that the Board gave serious consideration to the extensive submissions made by the Foxton Action Committee and other interested Parties.

The application having been made to the Minister, no further action can be taken until he has reached his decision and conveyed this to the Board. There is nothing more I can add except that I will keep you informed of developments and will communicate with you further when I am in a position to do so.

Yours sincerely,

G. Gordon
Chief Executive


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Page 56 Foxton Maternity Home letter of closure


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