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It's the record of the meeting when five people got together. put a hundred pound in each and set up the Horowhenua Land Com­pany with the job of finding prop­erty to develop sporting, racing and pastoral association land: vice president Graham Smellie said.

The find would pave the way for a club history to be written, with it coming up to 100 years old in 1916, he said.

The documents show there was a Horowhenua Hack Racing Club in existence before then, which leased the racing track, but it subsequently lost its licence The company later worked with the club to regain the licence and in 1920 transferred the land to the club and the AP&I Society.

Smellie said none of the current club committee knew the exist­ence of the documents until they were found during the recent clean-up. The facility had been vacant about 25 years. since it was closed as a race track, when much of the stuff was dumped under the grandstand.

'You couldn't walk in the place without falling over something.

-Everything from other parts of the track that had been dis­mantled had been dumped in there. So the thing was piled high with rubbish."

The Levin Menz Shed is reno­vating the space in preparation for a move there and contacted him when they found the boxes.

Without their 'vigilance" a big part of Horowhenua's history could have been lost Smellie said.

The boxes contained minute books dating back to the first Horowhenua Land Company meetings in 1902, through to the time the Levin Racing Club track ceased to be a racing venue.

Despite being under the grand­stand for about 25 years, most were in great nick.

Smellie said many of the names featured in the early minutes were founding Horowhenua famil­ies, many of whose descendants were still actively involved in the two organisations.

The club will loan the items to Te Takere for archive storage.


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