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STOP PRESS: Volume 2 available mid December 2012!!! More on keeping chickens, a sequel to the successful volume 1 A New Zealand publication by Nadene Hall and Sue Clarke in association with New Zealand Lifestyle Block.

This beautifully illustrated book covers all aspects of keeping poultry:

How to Care for Your Poultry volume 2

  • Gardening with chickens
  • Organics
  • Making your own coop
  • Health and condition
  • Parasites
  • Feeds and preparing your own diet
  • Breeding and preparing a show winner
  • Management
  • All about eggs-and how to use the surplus


This is an excellent book for anyone interested in chickens.

It is available directly from Sue Clarke (the author) in Levin at a cost of $19.90 (including GST) - get your copy now from Sue

McLeavey Road
RD 20
Levin 5570

  • or from the New Zealand Lifestyle Block website:





Sue Clarke, who currently lives on a farm close to Levin says:

Growing up in rural Yorkshire, I started keeping poultry at the age of 12 and built up a flock of motley bantams, some Anconas, a Silkie and a pair of Sebright bantams. At the age of 14 I went 'commercial' and bought 50 Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex pullet chicks to rear for eggs, and 12 cockerels to fatten for Christmas.

        [... read more in the book! ...]

... my main passion these days is helping people new to poultry to understand how chickens work, and helping to solve their poultry problems.

Sue currently writes a monthly column in the New Zealand Lifestyle Block magazine - of which Nadene Hall is the editor.

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How to Care for Your Poultry

Creator:Nadene Hall and Sue Clarke
Creation date:November 2010
Publisher:New Zealand Lifestyle Block