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The Opiki Honours Board with the names of those who served overseas hangs in the Opiki Hall. It was unveiled during the Anzac Services on 25th April 1949 by Mrs Hugh Akers.

                           1939  - 1945    
A Akers A Bryant E Bond R Bond
R Cooksley E Claridge J Claridge  DFC G Doyle
C Davey E Eveleigh N Eveleigh W Gilmore
G Gregory L Henderson C Hooper R Harper
C Jackson E Kay A Meech R Miers
B Orr B Olsen J Paget A Bond
O Phillips J Prendeville I Robertson R Synott
C Stannard L Simpson F Seymour P Southee
M Tantrum C Vill J Wright W White
J Wilkes * A Young L Young J Young
                              * Killed in action  

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