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 Ethelbert Knight Ransom
 Vincent Christopher Ransom John Robert Ransom John Ransom
 Harold John Ransom
 Lillian "Myrtle" Ransom
 Harriet Skipper
 Roland James Ransom
 Arnold Reginald Ransom
  Harriet Sowerby  William Sowerby
 Oswald Edgar Ransom
 Hinemoa Cornwall Ransom
  Jane Rowley
 Wilfred Hamilton Ransom
 Norman Ransom
 Mary Ann Knight James Penrose Knight William Knight
 Allen Ransom
 Marion Florence Ransom
 Mary Ann Penrose
  Mary Ann Fairweather Robert Fairweather
  Barbara Palmer



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William KNIGHT

Date of birth:c1806
Date of death:17/10/1867
Place of birth:Cornwall
Places of relevance:, , , , and
Place of death:Lower Hutt
Buried where:St James Churchyard, Lower Hutt
Marriage date:16 April 1827
Place of marriage:St Austell, Cornwall
Spouses name:Mary Ann PENROSE
Spouses date of birth:1806c
Spouses place of birth:Cornwall
Spouses date of death:03/01/1871
Spouses place of death:Lower Hutt
Children:Mary Ann KNIGHT 1826c - 28/06/1904, William KNIGHT 1831c - 1834, James Penrose KNIGHT (03/01/1833-23/10/1904) , John KNIGHT 16/06/1834 - 17/07/1911, William "Henry" KNIGHT 1837c - 08/07/1914, Samuel KNIGHT 19/03/1839 - 17/05/1862, , Anthony "George" KNIGHT 10/10/1841 - 22/04/1880, Thomas KNIGHT 29/01/1844 - 14/04/1920,, Joseph KNIGHT (? 11/10) 1845 - 07/07/1906, Daniel KNIGHT 08/07/1847 - 25/11/1903,, and Phillipa Jane KNIGHT 17/10/1848 - 27/07/1923, Elizabeth KNIGHT 01/09/1850 - 04/12/1852
Siblings:, , , , and