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James Knight was the son of William Knight (1806-1867) and Mary Ann Penrose (1806-1871) who arrived with 5 children, including James, on the 8/02/1840 at Petone, on the 'Duke of Roxburgh'. They had come from Bodmin, Cornwall.

ChildrenParents Grandparents
Great Grandparents
 Ethelbert Knight Ransom
 Vincent Christopher Ransom John Robert Ransom John Ransom
 Harold John Ransom
 Lillian "Myrtle" Ransom
 Harriet Skipper
 Roland James Ransom
 Arnold Reginald Ransom
  Harriet Sowerby  William Sowerby
 Oswald Edgar Ransom
 Hinemoa Cornwall Ransom
  Jane Rowley
 Wilfred Hamilton Ransom
 Norman Ransom
 Mary Ann Knight James Penrose Knight William Knight
 Allen Ransom
 Marion Florence Ransom
 Mary Ann Penrose
  Mary Ann Fairweather Robert Fairweather
  Barbara Palmer



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James Penrose KNIGHT

Date of birth:03/01/1833
Date of death:23/10/1904
Places of relevance:, , , , and
Last known residence:Penrose, 60 Penrose St, Lower Hutt (1990 address)
Place of death:Lower Hutt
Buried where:Taita Cemetery, Lower Hutt.
Marriage date:m1:18/02/1852, m2: 16/11/1862
Place of marriage:Wesleyan m1: Chapel, Aglionby, Petone. m2: Lower Hutt.
Spouses name:m1: Mary Ann FAIRWEATHER, m2: Jane Heayns
Spouses date of birth:m1: 11/1834, m2: 16/11/1843
Spouses place of birth:m2: Cornwall
Spouses date of death:m1: 03/11/1861, m2: 18/01/1930
Spouses place of death:m1: Buried Bridge St Cem, Lower Hutt, m2: buried Taita Cem, Lower Hutt.
Children:Mary Ann KNIGHT (22/11/1852-15/02/1950), Elizabeth Knight (10/11/1854-24/12/1882), Rebecca Knight (02/12/1856-27/09/1857), Emily Knight (05/04/1858-07/10/1858), William Knight (12/12/1859-18/04/1860), Samuel Knight (25/07/1863-26/06/1947), James Knight (27/07/1865-13/10/1950), Phillipa Jane Knight (29/04/1867-24/08/1942), John Penrose Knight (06/04/1869-29/07/1938), Wesley Knight (01/01/1871-21/11/1956), Willoughby Knight (04/12/1873-18/02/1951), Norman halliday Knight (06/10/1874-18/01/1952), and Stannard Richardson Knight (28/06/1876-22/08/1932), Leila Ada Knight (15/08/1881-16/12/1948)
Fathers name:William KNIGHT
Fathers date of birth:1801
Fathers occupation:Miner of Penpillick (Cornwall)
Fathers date of death:1867
Mothers name:Mary Ann PENROSE
Mothers date of birth:1804
Mothers date of death:1871
Parents date of marriage:16/04/1827
Siblings:, , , , and
Parents place of marriage:St Austell, Cornwall, UK