Minutes of 3rd Council Meeting 21 May 1906

Minutes of Meeting of the Levin Borough Council held in the Council Chamber Oxford, on Monday the 21st May 1906 at 8 o’clock p.m.

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Present - His worship the Mayor and Councillors, H. Hall, J.G. Hankins, T.A.B. Hudson, E.F. Levy, H.D. MacKenzie, Chas H.L. Palmer, Jas. Prouse and John Ryder.


The minutes of the previous meeting and also of the special meeting held on the 11th May.


Correspondence was read from the Clerk of the County Council re use of the Council room and offices, and from Mr D.S. MacKenzie with regard to night-soil removal.



The mayor made a statement with regard to the work of the Finance and Adjustments Committee.  He reported that the representatives of the Borough met the representatives from the county on the 19th May 1906, when matters between the two bodies were gone into and when amicable arrangements were made in most instances, a few matters being held over for further information.  A full report could be presented at the next meeting of the Council.  Moved by Cr. MacKenzie and seconded by Cr. Hankins "That the action of the finance Committee in adding the name of Cr. J. Prouse to the Committee appointed to meet the County Council (in conjunction with the adjustments of accounts) be confirmed."


Sealed pans

The Sanitation and Lighting Committee furnished details of terms of engagement with night-soil contractor and information re seal-top pans.  Cr. Hall moved and Cr. Levy seconded "That the report of the sanitation and Lighting Committee be adopted."  Carried.


Kitson Lamp

This Committee also reported that after information received from the Kitson Light Company, a light for the centre of the Town would cost about £22.  On the motion of Cr. Hall seconded by Cr. MacKenzie it was resolved "That an additional £10 be granted to purchase one Kitson Lamp."



Dissccussion ensued re trees in Oxford Street.  It was understood that the "Tree Committee" would shortly meet, inspect and report to next meeting.


Preliminary expenses

The only account presented for payment was that of E.H. Snow.  Preliminary work in formation of Borough, (draw plans etc) £2..17..0. This caused some discussion.  Eventually Cr. Hudson moved and Cr. MacKenzie seconded "That the account of E.H. Snow for drawing plans etc of proposed Borough for Commissioner be paid."  This was carried and it was then proposed by Cr. Hankins and seconded by Cr. Palmer "That with the sole exception of legal costs this council refuses to recognise any further claims made by any person who assisted in the work of forming this borough."  This proposition caused some discussion and on being put was declared lost.  Cr. Hankins called for a division when the voting was as under; -

            Ayes(2)                                    Noes(7)

            Hankins                                   The Mayor

            Palmer                                     Ryder







Cr. MacKenzie asked leave withdraw his notice of motion re General Rate.  Moved by Cr. Hudson seconded by Cr. Levy "That Cr. MacKenzie be allowed to withdraw his notice of motion re Rate"  Carried.


Proposed by Cr. Levy seconded by Cr. Ryder "That the question of rate be referred back to the Financial Committee for re-consideration."  Carried.


Proposed by Cr. MacKenzie seconded by Cr. Hall "That applications be called for the position of Poundkeeper.'  Carried.



Proposed by Cr. MacKenzie seconded by Cr. Palmer "That the Town Clerk obtain proper books for the working of the Levin Borough Council."  Carried


Special meeting

Proposed by Cr. Hudson seconded by Cr. Hankins "That a Special meeting of this Council be held on Monday the 28th inst at 8 p.m. “to consider the consider the question of calling for the applications for the positions of any necessary employees, also arrangements for Solicitor and Bankers to the Council."  Carried. 



Proposed by Cr. Prouse and seconded by Cr. Palmer "That the Finance Committee consider the whole question of financial requirements for the near future with a view of bringing in a scheme to deal with the same."  Carried


Cr. Hall

Proposed by Cr. Hankins seconded by Cr. Hudson "That the name of Cr. Hall be added to the Sanitation and Lighting Committee."  Carried.


The Council then went into Committee to consider the appointment of a Head-Surfaceman for the Borough.  On resuming, the Mayor reported that out of eleven applicants Mr Isaac Hook had been selected for the position.  The Council approved the recommendation of the Committee.


Central Library

The following notice of motion was tabled by Cr. Levy: - "That it is expedient that the advisability of establishing a central library and reading room be referred to a committee for consideration and report.'


Account passed for payment

E.H. Snow - Making plans for Commissioner etc £2..17..0


Confirmed - Basil Gardner


June 8 1906



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