Minutes of 1st Council Meeting 2 May 1906

Minutes of the first meeting of the Council held on Wednesday the 2nd May 1906 at 2 o’clock p.m. in Messrs Hudson & Easther’s Chambers, Queen Street.

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The Returning Officer (P.W. Goldsmith) presided and read from the N.Z. Gazette the order-in-Council constituting Levin a Borough, & authorising the election of the present Council. 

The Mayor-elect Mr Basil Robertson Gardener then made the statutory declaration and took his seat amidst applause. 

The Councillors then made their respective declarations in the order following:-

Councillor Hugh Hall, Cr. Mr G. Hankins, Cr. Mr A.B. Hudson, Cr. James Prouse, Cr. E.F. Levy, Cr. H. Dundas Mackenzie, Cr. Chas. H.L. Palmer, Cr. Richard Prouse, and Cr. John Ryder. 

The Mayor was congratulated by Councillors Ryder, Hudson, R. Prouse, J. Prouse and Hankins, to which he briefly replied. 

It was proposed by the Mayor seconded by Cr. Hawkins and carried 

            That the following temporary Committees be set up. viz.


Finance & Adjustments -

    The Mayor, Councillors Hankins, Hudson, Mackenzie & Jas. Prouse.

 Standing Orders & By-laws –

The Mayor, Crs. Levy, Hudson, Palmer & R. Prouse.














Sanitation & Lighting – The Mayor, Councillors Mackenzie, Ryder, Hankins,                  

            Hudson, Palmer, J & R. Prouse.

 Footpaths & Streets

The Mayor, Crs. Ryder, Hall, Levy, Hankins, Palmer & Jas.     


 Place of Meeting

The place of meeting was next considered. Cr. Levy moved and Cr. Hall seconded that a request be made to the County Council for the use of the Council Chambers for Borough Council Meetings for an office for the Clerk & for a portion of the spring (?) room.” Carried.

Time of Meeting.

Time of Meetings. Cr. Mackenzie moved and Cr. Hudson seconded “That the ordinary meetings of the Council be held at 8 o’clock p.m. on the first and third Mondays of the Month.” Carried.

Temporary Surfaceman

Discussion on the state of the footpaths & roads ensued. It was understood that the County Council had ceased to employ anyone in the roads in the Borough & on the motion of Cr. J. Prouse seconded by Cr. Palmer it was resolved “that the Mayor be requested to temporarily employ Mr. C. Thompson or some other person to attend to necessary work in the streets.”


It was further moved by Cr. Levy and seconded by Cr. Hall “that applications be invited for the position of Head Surfaceman at a wage of 9/- per day and that applications close on the 21st May.” Carried.


Proposed by Cr. Hudson & seconded by Cr. Mackenzie “that the advertisement for Surfaceman be inserted in the Manawatu Farmer.”

As an amendment (amendment) Cr. Hankins moved and Cr. Ryder seconded “that re Surfaceman advertisement be inserted in the “Manawatu Farmer” and the “Manawatu Evening Standard”.

On the amendment (amendment) being put it was declared lost, the mover & seconder only voting for it. The motion was then put and carried unanimously.

Special Meeting

Cr. Mackenzie moved & Cr. Hall seconded that a special meeting of the Council be held on the evening of the 11th May for consideration of reports of Committees.

Remuneration Clerk

Cr. Hudson moved & Cr. Levy seconded “that the question of the remuneration of the Town Clerk & Returning Officer be referred to the Finance & Adjustments Committee, together with any other claims against the council.” Carried.


Cr. R. Prouse moved & Cr. Levy seconded “that Messrs. Hudson & Easter be very heartily thanked for the use of their Chambers, which were kindly placed at the disposal of the council & the Clerk free of charge”. Carried by acclamation.

Leave of absence

On the motion of Cr. Mackenzie seconded by Cr. Hankins, Cr. R. Prouse was at his request, granted 8 weeks leave of absence.


Confirmed May 21 1906.

            Signed Basil Robertson Gardener - Mayor.

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