Original iron lacework gives old world charm

Number 7 Weraroa Road

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This house is owned by Mr Malcolm and Mrs May Waugh who occupy it with their son Michael, having moved from Opotiki in recent months. Mrs Waugh’s father, Mr Arthur Daken and stepmother, Mrs Gertrude Daken live in Levin. 

The origin of the house is obscure but it is known that a Rev. White and his wife lived in it in the 1920s. He had been a minister of the Presbyterian Church, living in the old manse in Mako Mako Rd until retirement. Their grand- daughter Maggie is remembered as a school girl. 

The house was certainly in existence before 1920 and could have been built in the decade before then. 

Some time before 1958 it was made into two flats with extensions on the south side. Most of these were removed in 1958 to enable a drive to be made to a back section that Mr Ray Nicolls bought. 

The first known documented owner was Mr Albert Herrick in 1959. He sold it to the M.C.Wilson Trust in 1961, costing $1100. 

The Trust renovated the house. The old rusticating exterior cladding was sheathed in exterior hardboard on the two side walls.  Part of the back wall is of asbestos. The front wall is as original, clad in rusticating weatherboard. 

The original wooden floored veranda has been replaced in concrete. The present posts are modern with the original iron lacework supporting brackets being used. 

There is a room-wide bay window in the front room. From the front, the house is attractive in an old-world way. The roof is of corrugated iron. The interior walls of scrimmed rough lining have been covered with modern fibrous plaster and wall papered.  Also ceilings have been lowered from the original 11 foot stud. There are three bedrooms and a modern kitchen. 

The lounge is of two original rooms with a ceiling-high open archway from one wall to where the original corner fireplace was, now with a gas heater in it. In what was originally another room to the front was another fireplace across the corner using the same chimney. 

The space where the fireplace was removed has been used in an intriguing way as a cocktail bar.  A narrow bench with an end pillar was built in clinker brick with room behind for the barman. A false surround and mantelpiece is on one wall, the use for which is puzzling. 

The Trust sold the property to Mr James Hamilton in 1964 for $1900. Mr Bryan and Katrinka Teal bought it in 1975 selling it to Mrs Olive van der Vliet by 1982. 

Mr and Mrs Waugh bought it this year, 1983. They are improving the back porch area and intend to build a new garage further back on the section. There is a massively supported carport freestanding over the drive by the end of the back porch which will form a dry alighting area from a car. Inside, the house is attractive and modern for all its age.

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Original iron lacework gives old world charm

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