Meeting 75 - 17 August 1908

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Levin Borough Council held in the Council Chambers on Monday evening 17 August 1908.

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Present:  The Mayor (Mr B.R. Gardener) presiding, Crs. Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Ryder and Williams.  Cr. Douglas was excused from attendance on the grounds of indisposition.


Minutes Confirmed

The Minutes of the previous ordinary meeting and those of the special meeting held on 14 August were in each instance read and confirmed.


Referred to Streets Com.

Mr Charlesworth wrote a memo to the effect that certain extra work may be done on the westerly side of the county road and that he suggested that Mr Jones, contractor for the kerbing be employed to do the work.  On the motion of the Mayor the matter was referred to the Streets Committee.


Re Payment to Mr Baylis

My Baylis wrote asking to be paid up for contract no 7. The engineer declined to pass the work but authorised the payment of £30.  Cr. Hudson moved and Cr. Hankins seconded “That the sum of £30 be paid to Mr Baylis on contract no. 7 providing an indemnity be given to cover the liability of the Council under the Workmens Licence Act, and that he undertakes to complete the work within two weeks to the satisfaction of the Engineer, when the balance will be paid”.


Mr Joll’s Contract

Information was given as to the work of the Finance and Streets Committees, the Road Overseer reported that contract no. 11 widening Reeves, Sedden and MacKenzie Streets, was nearly completed.  It was resolved on the motion of Cr. Hall seconded by Cr. Hankins “That Mr Joll be paid what is due to him on contract no. 11 on the Road Overseer certifying that the work is done to his satisfaction”.


Streets Contracts 12 & 13

Mr Charlesworth submitted plans and specifications for work in Cambridge and Kent Streets (contract 12) and for work in Salisbury and Bath Streets and Weraroa Road – (contract 13.)  On the motion of Cr. Williams seconded by Cr. Ryder it was resolved “That tenders be called for contracts nos 12 &13, to be in by next Council Meeting”.


Levin – Marton Railway

At a public meeting lately held in Levin the Council was urged to use its best endeavours to forward the interests of the proposed Levin to Marton Railway.  Cr. Hankins moved and Cr. Ryder seconded “That this Council accords its support to the resolution passed at the public meeting held at Levin on August 5th, in reference to the proposed Branch Railway Levin to Marton”.


Resolution Recinded

Moved by the Mayor, seconded by Cr. Hudson “That the resolution standing in this Minute Book (on page 248) with regard to opening tenders for gas mains be rescinded”.              Carried



Moved by Cr. Hudson, seconded by the Mayor “That the thanks of this Council be given to Councillor Hankins for the gift of trees to the Council for planting the Cemetery.             Carried


Accounts Passed

The following accounts were passed for payment:

Harris & Sussex – C. Aid a/c £ 1. 02.00
Hudson & Marriott Ltd    
Horowhenua Publishing Co. 
Petty Cash  
Griffiths & Co. 5.06
Gapper  E. – saw 8.06
A. Musgrove – loss in pound sale      



B.R. Gardener – Mayor

Sep 7 1908

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