Meeting 74 - 12 August 1908

Minutes of Special Meeting of the Levin Borough Council held on Wednesday evening the 12th August 1908 at 8 o’clock.

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PresentThe Mayor (Mr B.R. Gardener) and councillors Hall, Hudson, Hankins, Douglas, MacKenzie and Ryder.


Object of Meeting

The meeting which was summoned at the direction of the Mayor was called to consider the question of opening tenders for gas mains which closed on the 10th instant and any other business in connection with the gasworks scheme.


Decided to open tenders

On the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Councillor Hudson it was decided to open and consider the tenders and if advisable accept and subject to the confirmation of the ratepayer at the coming poll on the gasworks loan.


Mr Blackmans Estimate

Mr Blackman, the gas engineer attended and estimated the cost of cast and wrought pipes etc at £1850.


Successful tender

The tenders were then opened – six in number and after consideration the following resolution on the motion of the Mayor seconded by Cr. MacKenzie was carried unanimously viz: “That the tenders of John Duthie & Co. Ltd for contract no. 1 viz for cast iron pipes and main at £1770.13.7 and for steam pipes and fittings at £214.11.5 be accepted subject to the result of the forthcoming poll of the ratepayers on the 24th instant confirming the proposal of the Council in regard to the gasworks loan and further that J. Duthie & Co. Ltd, be informed of the position and asked to confirm contract subject to the aforesaid condition”.


Gasworks Site Purchased

With regard to a gasworks site the Council considered the more recent offer of Prouse Ltd of 1 acre in Cambridge Street for £150 or 2 acres for £275.  This offer had been considered by the Lighting Committee with a recommendation to purchase the larger area.  After discussion on the motion of the Mayor seconded by Cr. Douglas the following resolution was carried unanimously viz: “That subject to the ratepayer confirming the proposal of the Council with regard to the gasworks loan at the poll to be taken on the 24th instant, the offer of Prouse Bros. Ltd of 2 acres of land for a gasworks site for £275 be accepted”.


Mr Blackman gave the Council general information about the carrying out of the various departments of the undertaking and afterwards the Council adjourned.


Confirmed            Basil Gardener – Mayor

Aug 17 1908

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