Meeting 69 - 1 June 1908

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on Monday evening the 1st of June 1908 at 8 o’clock pm.

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Present:  Mayor B.R. Gardener, Councillors Douglas, Hall, Hankins, Hudson, MacKenzie, Levy, Prouse, Ryder and Williams.


Minutes Confirmed

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


Slaughter House Licence

Amongst the correspondence a letter from R. Butt & Co. Ltd asked for a temporary slaughterhouse licence.  The Mayor moved and Councillor MacKenzie seconded “that a temporary licence be granted to R. Butt & Co. Ltd for a period of four months”.  This was carried.


Foxton Harbour Board Conference

The President of the Foxton Chamber of Commerce wrote asking the Council to appoint a delegate to attend a Conference to be held at Palmerston to consider the formation of a Harbour Board for Foxton.  The Mayor was appointed by the Council to attend the Conference as representative of the Council.


Noxious Weeds

Mr Walton, Inspector of Noxious Weeds attended and gave the Council some accounts of his work in this district.


Minutes of Special Meeting Confirmed

The Minutes of the Special Meeting held on the 4th May 1908 were read and confirmed and the following resolutions were passed:


Special Order Confirmed

Mover – Cr. MacKenzie, Seconded Cr. Hall

“That the Special Order made by this Council at the Special Meeting on the 4th May 1908 striking a Special Rate of two-elevenths of a penny in the ₤1 on the capital value as security for and to provide interest etc on a loan of ₤4000 raised for connecting waterworks, be now confirmed”.


“That the Special Order made by this Council on the 4th May 1908 striking a Special Rate of one penny and seven-twentieths of a penny in the pound (₤1), as security for and to provide interest and other charges on a loan of ₤18,000 raised for the purpose of establishing waterworks for the Borough be now confirmed”


Return asked for

Cr. Hankins asked for a return showing the amounts paid to Mr Charlesworth for engineering and survey fees.


Reeves St

Cr Williams moved and Cr. MacKenzie seconded – “That the footpaths in Reeves Street be attended to at once and that the Roads Committee meet to see to the requirements”.


Accounts passed for payment

Loan Account

J. Craig – account purchase catchment area     
H.W. Chimie – Reports 
R. Baylis – contract No. 7 Pro. Payment


General Account

I Hook                                 Wages     
T. Gregory                              “        
E. Curtis                                 “     
M. Purcell                               “      
F. Plaster                               Carting
G. Astridge                            Wages 
H. Knox                                Wages 7/1/-            1/8/-
F. Griffin                                “ 
F. Hook                                 “
H.I. Birdensen                        “ 
J. Hargreaves                         “ 
P.K. Patten                            Lamplighting a/c 10.08.8
Martin & Atkinson                   Law Lists
E. Bourke                              C. Aid a/c 2.08.0
F. Farley                                “   
W. Sigglekow                         “
Swansen & Bevan Ltd             Goods   
J.W. Gibson                           “
Geo. Milnes                           “
Le Grove & Co                       Rubber stamps      
W.H. Gallichan                      Carting     
Griffiths & Co                         “          
J. McTaggart                         Caretaker – Fire Brigade
P.W. Goldsmith                     Sal  



B. R. Gardener – Mayor

June 15th 1908

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