Meeting 68 - 18 May 1908

Minutes of the Meeting of the Levin Borough Council held in the Council Chamber on Monday the 18th May 1908 at 8 o’clock.

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Present:  Mayor B.R. Gardener,

Councillors Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy, Ryder, Prouse and Williams.  An apology for absence was received from Councillor Douglas.


Minutes Confirmed

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


Building Permits Granted

Correspondence:  A request from Mr Pringle to erect two small buildings in the fire area which did not quite comply with the by-laws was dealt with by passing the following resolution on the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Cr. Williams “That the application of Mr Pringle to erect small buildings upon Section 4 Weraroa for Mr Broome and Mrs Milne respectively be granted during the pleasure of the Council”,

Hudson and Marriott Ltd also wrote asking for leave to put up an addition to their auction mart.  Cr, Hankins moved and the Mayor seconded “That permission be given to Messrs Hudson & Co, to make additions to their premises in Queen Street as applied for.”  Carried.


Tree Planting                       

Mr  Horton wrote offering to supply trees to the Council for  street planting “That the letter of Mr T. Horton be referred to the Streets Committee and that the matter of tree planting be left in their hands to deal with” – was the resolution moved by Cr. Hankins seconded by the Mayor and carried.


Finance Committee’s Report & Recommendations

The Finance Committee reported that the estimates for the year had been considered, also that Mrs E.B. Ostler’s interests in the lease of the Gravel Reserve Section 8 Block XI had been secured for the sum of ₤420.  The Committee recommended that in order to finance the purchase of the lessee’s interest in the lease above referred to the general rate for the year be increased from 1¼d (as provided in the estimates) to 1½ in the ₤.



The Mayor moved and Cr Ryder seconded “That the Finance Committee Report be adopted”.  This was carried on the following division”


Ayes (6)                                                                                 Noes (2)

The Mayor                                                                             Cr Williams

Cr. Hudson                                                                           Cr. Hall

Cr. Hankins

Cr. Ryder

Cr. Prouse

Cr. Levy

Estimates for 1908-09

The estimates showing income ₤1818, and expenditure ₤1784 were then on the motion of Cr. Hudson, seconded by Cr, Hankins, adopted by the Council.


Notice to Strike Rate

The following resolutions were passed:  Mover – The Mayor

Seconded Cr. Hankins “That public notice be given in accordance with the statutory provisions under “The Rating Act 1894” and “The Municipal Corporations Act 1900” that it is the intention of this Council at the ordinary meeting to be held on the 15th day of June 1908, to strike a general rate of 1½d in the ₤1 on the capital value of all rateable property in the Borough of Levin, and that the Rate Book will be open for inspection as by law provided during office hours”.


Appointed to Sign Contract

Moved Cr. Hankins and seconded by Cr. Ryder. “That the Mayor and Cr. Douglas be empowered to sign the agreement with Mr Baylis on behalf of the council contract No 7”.


Motion of Sympathy

The following resolution was passed in silence the members standing “That this Council tenders its sympathy to the Mayor and Mrs Gardener Snr in their recent family bereavement”.


Accounts Passed

The following accounts were passed for payment:

W.S. Charlesworth – Surveys ₤24.16.6
J.W. Gibson – C. Aid   a/c (Mrs Smith)  
T. Broome -        “            (Bignall)  
Chapman & Walker – papering etc



Basil Gardener – Mayor

June 1st 1908

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