Meeting 73 - 3 August 1908

Minutes of the Meeting of the Levin Borough Council held on Monday evening the 3rd August 1908 at 8 o’clock.

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Present:  Mayor B.R. Gardener and Crs. Hall, Hankins, Hudson, MacKenzie, Prouse, Ryder and Williams.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Delay in High Pressure Water Scheme

Mr Climie wrote stating that he was unable to be present and prosed to again visit site of intake for possible improvements in the scheme.  Cr. Williams moved and Cr. MacKenzie seconded “that Mr Climie be informed that this Council is anxious that the plans in connection with the high pressure water works should be furnished immediately as sufficient time has now elapsed since its inauguration, and the patience of the Council is getting exhausted”.  On being put the motion was lost, the mover and seconder only voting for it.  Cr, Williams complained that insufficient information had been given in reference to the delay in pushing on the water works scheme.


Charge to owners re kerbing etc

Several letters were read regarding the custom of other Boroughs with regard to charging owners a share of the cost of kerbing and channelling etc.  Cr. MacKenzie moved and Cr. Hall seconded “that in the matter of footpaths, the bylaws of the Borough be carried out”.


As an amendment Cr. Hankins moved and the Mayor seconded “that owing to the fact that kerbing, channelling and ashphalting in the Borough is being paid for out of loan and not out of revenue, no part of the cost be charged direct to property owners”.

The amendment was carried but a further amendment moved by Cr, Williams seconded by Cr. Hudson was afterwards carried and became the motion before the Council also duly carried viz “that the matter of property owners paying their proportion of kerbing and channelling the footpaths be left in the hands of the Streets Committee to report to next meeting”.


Mr Baylis Contract No. 7

Mr Charlesworth, engineer, attended and explained that the work of grading the streets etc should be advertised at once.  He also said that Mr Baylis’ Contract No.7 was not yet passed.  Cr. Williams moved and Cr. Ryder seconded “that Mr Baylis be informed that provided he gives an indemnity signed by some approved person, that all wages are paid in connection with his contract on each side of road in Oxford Street, that he be paid the balance of his contract and money, less the amount required to finish the work, as certified to by the engineer in charge of the work”.

As an amendment Cr. Hall moved and Cr. MacKenzie seconded “that this Council grant Mr Baylis 14 days to complete Contract No.7 and if not completed the Council to complete and charge against the money owing in the same contract”.  The amendment moved by Cr. Hankins and seconded by Cr. Hudson was carried viz ”that the matter of Mr Baylis’ contract which is not yet completed be referred to the engineer in charge”.


Tai Pare Block – Plans to  be sealed

Messrs Harris and Park attended and presented plan of the roading of the Tai Pare Block.  The Mayor moved and Cr. Hudson seconded “that the survey plan of the roads in the Tai Pare Block be approved and the seal of the Council attached provided Messrs Harris & Sussex give a written undertaking to construct the streets to the satisfaction of the Council before the sections are offered for sale”.     Carried.


Refer to Streets Committee

A letter from Mr Hitchings re alteration of course of water race was referred to the Streets Committee as was the questions of sumps for fire prevention purposes.


To sign in behalf of the Council

The following resolutions were passed:

Mover, The Mayor and seconder Cr. Hall “that Crs. Hudson and MacKenzie be authorised to sign on behalf of this Council, the contract with Mr A.W. Jones (No. 9 Contract), also the respective agreements with the engineers Messrs Climie & Blackman in due course”.

Mover Cr. Hankins and seconded Cr. Hudson “that the attention of the lamplighter be drawn to the fact that the lamps have not been burning on several occasions lately”.


Time for opening tenders

Mover- The Mayor and seconded Cr. Williams “That the tenders for gas main pipes closing on the 10th instant, be opened and considered at a special meeting of the Council to be held on Tuesday evening the 25th instant”.


Votes of Sympathy

A vote of sympathy with the Mayor on the death of his mother and with Councillor Hankins on the death of his grandfather was passed in silence with the Council standing.


Accounts passed for payment

Loan Account

Harper & Harper – catchment area ₤121.06.02
I. Middleton – making Mako Mako Rd 3.12.00
The Dominion – advertising gas tenders      


General Account

South British Insurance Co – accident premium
₤ 15.04.06
C.aid a/cs – Bourke 2/8/-, Huther 5/-, Broome 3/-, Gibson 1/-/-      
Wages – Hook 12/-/-, Gregory 10/16/-, Astridge 19/16/8
Parsons 1/-/-, Astridge 16/-, Plaster 10/16/-, Patton   9/19/8 
W.J. Close – altering water tables Queen St 
T. Timothy – 100 Matai tree guards
T. North – gumboots 1/4/-, F.W. Pink 1/5/-    
Levin Express Co –metalling 1.14.06
Travelling expenses – Mayor & Councillor 
    “                  “               Town Clerk   
P.W. Goldsmith – salary
Gapper & Co – kerosene 5/-, Griffiths carting 2/-     
Gibson, brushes 7/6, Thompson stationery  2/9
C.H. Williams – repair generators 4.00
A. Musgrove – Loss on pound sales   


Hydrant to be purchased

At the request of the Fire Brigade Committee, it was decided to purchase a hydrant at a cost of ₤6.16/- F.O.B. Wellington


Cemetery a/c

Pegging sections and general work

Hook 30/-, Plaster 12/-, Astridge 16/-

West Coast Sawmillers 12/6                                                           ₤ 3.10.06 




B.R. Gardener – Mayor

Aug 17 1908

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