Meeting 72 - 20 July 1908

Minutes of a Meeting of the Council held on Monday evening 20th July 1908 at 8 oclock pm.

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Present:  Cr. Ryder (presiding) Crs. Hall, Hankins, Douglas, Levy, MacKenzie, Prouse, Ryder and Williams.  The Mayor attended later in the sitting.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


Deputation re Foxton Harbour Board

Before any other business was taken Mr. P. Hennessy of Foxton addressed the Council asking its support to the passage of a local bill now before Parliament having for its object the constitution of a Harbour Board for the Port of Foxton.  After questions had been asked and answered the Council passed the following resolution unanimously “that this Council affirms the principle of the proposed Bill to constitute a Harbour Board for the Port of Foxton, and that the member for the Otaki Electorate be requested to give his support to the said Bill, as the establishment of a Harbour Board at Foxton will be of exceptional advantage to the ratepayers of Levin”.  After thanking the Council Mr Hennessy withdrew.

Consolidated Statutes

The Horowhenua County Council wrote offering to share with the Borough Council the cost of purchasing the consolidated statutes shortly to be published, the same to be the joint property of the two bodies.

Moved by Cr. MacKenzie, seconded by Cr. Hall “that this Council purchase in conjunction with the Horowhenua County Council the consolidated statutes at a total cost of ₤12.12.00”.     Carried


Permit to build Stable

Mr. C. Williams wrote requesting permission to erect a stable on Section 30 Weraroa.  Moved by Cr. Hudson – seconded by Cr. Ryder “that the request of Mr C. Williams to build a stable at Weraroa be granted during the pleasure of the Council”.    Carried.


Foreman of Works – No. 9 contract

Moved by Cr. MacKenzie and seconded by Cr. Hudson “that the resolution called for applications for the position of clerk of works on Contract No. 9 be rescinded and that I. Hook be appointed to the position”.   Carried.


Preparing for Tree Planting

Moved by CR. Hall and seconded by Cr. MacKenzie “that the water races running down Horowhenua West Road where trees are to be planted be shifted back three feet so as to allow trees to be planted in proper places as recommended by the Streets Committee”.    Carried.


R. Baylis to have Contract No. 8

Moved by CR. Hudson and seconded by Cr. MacKenzie “that the action of the Streets Committee in accepting the tender of R. Baylis at ₤37.10.00 for Contract No. 8 (in the place of Henderson & Coady) be approved by this Council”.   Carried


Enquiries re charges by other Boroughs

Moved by Cr. Williams and seconded by Cr, MacKenzie “that this Council write to the various local bodies asking what is the general principle in reference to charging property owners with cost of kerbing and channelling footpaths in main thoroughfares in the Boroughs”.    Carried


Irregularity – re Gas-loan proposals

The Council went into Committee to consider an irregularity in the proceedings with regard to the gasworks loan.  On resuming business in open council the following resolution was passed.  Moved by Cr. Hudson and seconded by Cr. Hall “that in view of the possibility of the irregularities with regard to the raising of the gasworks loan proving so serious as to cause the same to be useless so far as raising the money for the purpose intended is concerned, this Council hereby resolves that fresh proposals be placed before the ratepayers forthwith”.


Fresh proposals to be put before Ratepayers

For the furtherance of the intention of the preceding resolution Cr. Hudson moved and Cr. The Mayor seconded:

  1. That steps be taken to raise a special loan for the purpose of erecting, constructing, and establishing Municipal Coal Gas works amounting to ₤10,000 for a period of 20 years, the rate of interest to be 4½% per annum and a provision to repay an annual instalment of ₤100.
  2. That the cost of raising the loan and the first years interest on the loan be paid out of loan.
  3. To strike an annual recurring rate of nine-fourteenths of a penny in the ₤ on the capital value of all rateable property in the Borough of Levin, to provide interest and other charges on the said loan”.   Carried



The following accounts were passed for payment:


General Account

Fire Brigade Association – subsidy etc                                        ₤3.16.08


Loan Account

R. Baylis – Progress payment 3 – Contract No. 7      ₤60.00.00
West Coast Sawmillers – timber     
Otago Daily Times    advertising – gas plant  
Wilson & Horton               “                       “       
Christchurch Press Co.      “                       “ 
Blundell Bus Ltd               “  channelling &  “   
Nash & Coombe               “                       “   



B.R. Gardener – Mayor

Aug 3 1908

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