Meeting 64 - 6 April 1908

Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on Monday evening 6th April 1908 at 8 o’clock.

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Present:  Mayor B.R. Gardener

Councillors:  Douglas, Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy, MacKenzie, Prouse, Ryder and Williams.


Minutes Confirmed

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


Gasworks Site

Reports:  The Lighting Committee recommended the acquiring of an additional acre for the gasworks site – Prouse Ltd also forwarded their terms as to the proposed railway siding.  The matter was referred back to the Committee. 


Drainage of low lying portions of Borough

The Road Committee forwarded Mr W.S. Charlesworth’s report on the drainage of the low lying streets in the neighbourhood of Tyne Street crossing.  The Committee recommended the adoption of the report and the carrying out of the work involving an expenditure of about £50.  Cr. MacKenzie moved and Cr. Levy seconded “That Mr Charlesworth’s report be adopted as suggested by the Roads Committee, and that the work be carried out” An amendment moved by Cr. Hudson, seconded by Cr. Hall was as follows: “That before the Engineers Report is adopted, enquiries be made as to the effect the flood waters will have on properties south and west of the borough boundary”.  This was lost by 3 votes for to 7 against.


AYES                                                                         NOES

Hall, Hudson & Williams                                        Douglas, Hankins, Levy,

MacKenzie, Prouse, Ryder and the Mayor


Cr MacKenzie’s motion was then put and declared carried by the same vote seven to three, Crs. Hall, Hudson and Williams voting in the negative.


Kings Drive 

The Report of the Overseer contained a recommendation that the work in connection with King’s Drive should be completed.  On the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Cr, MacKenzie the following resolution was carried “That Messrs France & Co. be informed that the Kings Drive Road must be completed by the end of the present month (April) or the Council will complete the work at their cost”.


Bank Overdraft

Moved by the Mayor, seconded by Cr. Hankins and carried. “That the Mayor and Councillor Hudson with the Treasurer be appointed to make the necessary arrangements with the Bank of Australasia for an overdraft for the year 1908-09.

Roading Setters Block

The Mayor moved to rescind a resolution passed by the Council on the 16th March 1908, relating to the roading of Mr Setter’s property as per Minute Book Page 211.  The rescinding of the resolution was agreed to.  The Mayor then moved and Cr. MacKenzie seconded “That the specifications and plans of roads and footpaths work through Sections 4 and 70 as submitted by Messrs Smart and Thorne be approved by this Council”.

On being put the Mayor’s motion was carried, Cr. Hudson dissenting.


 Accounts passed for payment

Accounts for Payment were passed as follows:

Wellington District Hospital Board – 1st quarter levy      
United C. Aid Board                                                “      
W.M. Easthorpe – Fire Brigade account
F. Ireland                               “               
Musgrove – loss in sales at pound     
Levin Express Co 1.3.0
I.W. Thompson – stationery 12.6
Hudson & Marriott Ltd – Leas. Reserves  
F. Ireland – copper account for college 4.5.0
W.S. Charlesworth – Maps
Postal Dept – Telephone & Box
E. Burke – C. Aid account 3.0.0
J.W. Gibson – account Mrs Smith – C. Aid
C. Williams & Co. – account Bynall – C. Aid 3.0.0
G. Milnes – kerosene 5.0
Hor. Publishing Co. – Advertising
Grey Phillips – native interpreter 1.0.6
W.W. Moon – dog collars 15.0
H.I. Birdersen – breaking stones
Inv. Dwyer -               “   
D. Walton – Hire of hall 



B.R. Gardener – Mayor

May 2 1908  


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