Meeting 58 - 17 February 1908

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Council held on Monday evening the 17th February 1908 at 8 o’clock.

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Present The Mayor (Mr. B.R. Gardener) & Councillors Douglas, Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy, Mackenzie, Prouse, Ryder & Williams.


Minutes confirmed

The minutes of the last ordinary meeting and those of the Special Meeting held on the 7th Feb. were in each case read and confirmed respectively.



Captain Anstice of the Fire Brigade wrote on the shortage of the water-supply and made certain recommendations. A letter was received from the Secretary to the Treasury stating that if ₤4000 was lent by the Government for waterworks, steps to raise the loan must be taken altogether separately from any further sum to be borrowed elsewhere. The Public Trustee wrote stating that the Gas Loan of ₤10,000 had been approved by the Public Trust Board.


Re Water-race King’s Drive

Mr. John Phillips waited on the Council and asked that his property in the King’s Drive be served with a supply of water from the water-race near by.


Cr. Levy moved and Cr. Williams seconded “That the matter of the application of Mr. Phillips re water in King’s Drive be left to the water-race committee with power to act.” This motion in being put was declared lost -Cr. Hall and the mover and seconder supporting it.


Cr. Hankins moved and Cr. Ryder seconded “That the Road Overseer be instructed to take the water across the Weraroa Road from the water race adjacent thereto.” As an amendment Cr. Williams moved and Cr. Hall seconded “That the matter of taking the water race across the Weraroa Road be left to the Roads and Streets Committee with power to act.” The amendment was lost by 3 votes to 7 – Cr. Levy supporting the mover and seconder. Cr. Hankins motion was then put and carried on the voices Mr. Phillips then withdrew.



The Council then adjourned to hold a Special Meeting and on resuming the following resolutions were passed.


Precautions against fires

Mover Cr. Hankins – Seconder Cr. Ryder

“That (1) during the continuance of the present dry weather this Council urges all businesses and others to use every precaution against fire, and further (2) that persons lighting fires without due permission be prosecuted”.



Fire Brigade request for more water

Mover Cr. Hudson – Seconder Cr. Mackenzie

“That the letter from the Captain of the Fire Brigade re water race in Oxford St. be referred to the Roads and Streets Committee with power to act and that the matter be attended to at once”


Special meeting called re Water loan

With regard to the communication from the Secretary to the Treasury it was decided to call a Special Meeting and the following resolution was passed accordingly: -

“That a Special Meeting of this council be called for Tuesday evening the 25th February 1908 at 8 o’clock for the transaction of the following business.

(1) To rescind the resolution passed at the Special Meeting held on the 7th inst., whereby the Council decided that steps be taken to raise a loan of ₤22,000 at 4½ % for 30 years, with a view to substituting in the place thereof the following proposals.
(a) To borrow from the Treasury the sum of ₤4000 for water works for a period of 41 years at 3½ % - the expenditure to extend over 2 years and,
(b) To raise a loan of ₤18,000 for a period of 30 years at 4½ % interest with provision for a sinking fund.”


The report of Reserves committee was read and adopted.


Motion withdrawn

Cr. Levy withdrew the notice of motion standing in his name re method of distributing Local Charitable Aid.


Account passed

Mr. R.G. Dintons a/c for branding figures amounting to ₤1.15.0 was passed for payment.

Confirmed - Basil Gardener Mayor

                        March 2 1908.

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