Meeting 54 - 6 January 1908

Minutes of meeting of Levin Borough Council held in the Council Chamber on Monday evening the 6th January 1908 at 8 o’clock.

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PRESENT :  The Mayor (Mr B R Gardener), and Councillors Douglas, Hall, Hankins,  Hudson, Levy, Mackenzie, Prouse, Ryder and Williams.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Correspondence was received from the Mayor re Special Meeting, Mr W S Charlsworth, Hon McNab and I S Gilberd, Town Clerk Carterton, Lake Domain Board, Wellington Harbour Board, Secretary Post and Telegraph Department, W Francis, and I F Welch.

Mr Charlsworth’s letter withdrawing offer to supply plans of Borough at price previously quoted was discussed.  Cr Mackenzie moved and the Mayor seconded “That Mr Charlsworth be instructed to go on with the plans of the Borough at the revised price quoted by him”. After two amendments had been disposed of the resolution was passed.

At this stage the Council adjourned until the conclusion of the business of the Special Meeting called for 9.o’clock.  On resuming the claims of Mr J F Welch to remuneration for a report on electric lighting were considered.  The Mayor moved and Cr Mackenzie seconded “That Mr Welch be granted the sum of £5 in connection with the Electric Light Report – without prejudice”.

After considerable discussion the motion was lost by three votes for and 7 against.

viz:                                 Ayes                               Noes

                             The Mayor                       Crs Hall, Hankins

                             Cr Mackenzie                  Hudson, Levy

                                 Williams                       Douglas, Ryder, & Prouse


On the motion of the Cr Hudson, seconded by Cr Hall, the Mayor was appointed as delegate to represent the Borough Council at the election of a member of the Wellington Harbour Board.


The Sanitation Committee recommended that an Engineers Report on the future drainage and sewage of the Borough be obtained, cost to be provided for in next year’s estimates.  This was adopted.  With reference to the Sanitation Committee’s recommendation re Mr Astridge’s holidays, the following resolution was passed on the motion of Cr Hall, seconded by Cr Hudson, “That Mr Astridge be granted two weeks leave of absence and a bonus of £5 upon the condition that he employs a competent man to carry out his duties during his absence”.

Moved by Cr Prouse, seconded by Cr Levy “That the Finance Committee consider the position of the various Road Loans within the Borough and make enquiries as to the possibility of consolidating these loans and bring a report to the Council at an early date.”


The Report of Mr Hook re the Inspection of the tanks in the Borough was read.

Dog tax for 1908

Moved by Cr Hall and seconded by Cr Mackenzie, “That the dog tax for the year 1908 be 10/- per dog reducible to 5/- if paid before the 31st March 1908, with the exception of dogs kept solely for the purpose of herding or driving sheep in accordance with ‘The Dog Registration Amendment Act 1908’.

This was carried – Cr Williams dissenting.

Moved by Cr Levy, seconded by Cr Price, and carried “That the Postmaster General be written to requesting that the Post and Telegraph Office be opened for business between the hours of 7.00 and 8.00 pm”.

Cr Mackenzies Notice of Motion re High Pressure water supply was held over.


Lake Domain Board (£20)  Horo. Publishing Co.(11/3/6) 
£ 21.  3.   6
Ed  Burke C/aid (£3) I W Gibson C/aid Mrs Smith (1/10/-)     4. 10.  0
H C Gapper (2/10/-) Watson C Williams / Bignall (3/-/-) 
5. 10.  0
Harris and Sussex a/c Timms  & Terris (3/17/-) C/aid rent 8.   1.  6
W Palmer screens (2/10/-) Winter & Close–metal Bath St (3/4/6) 6.   0.  6
Receiver of Land Revenue (1/16/4) West Coast Sawmillers (1/8/-) 3.  4.   4
I W Thompson Stationery (7/-) Express Cartage (9/-) 16.  0
W M Clark (6/11) Hire of Century Hall (10/-) 
16. 11
A Musgrove (loss on sale of weaner 7/-) Sal. Caretaker Fire Brg. (20/-)     1.  7.  0
Petty Cash   
2. 0.  0
  £ 53.  9. 9


Confirmed    B M Gardener

Jan 20. 1908      MAYOR

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