Meeting 52 - 16 December 1907

Minutes of Meeting of Levin Borough Council held on Monday evening 16th Dec. 1907.

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Present: The Mayor (Mr. B.R. Gardener) and Councillors Douglas, Hall, Hawkins, Hudson, Levy, Mackenzie, Prouse, Ryder, & Williams.

Minutes confirmed

            The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


Correspondence was received from Mr. F.G. Bolton the Inspector of Factories, T.F. Martin & others but no action was taken thereon.

Fire Brigade Committee’s Report

The following recommendations from the Fire Brigades Committee were adopted.

1.      The Borough Council to pay accounts incurred by the Fire Brigade after the same have been authorised & confirmed by the Fire Brigade’s Committee. The Captain of the Fire Brigade to have power to act in the case of urgency.

2.      That a Caretaker be appointed at a salary of ₤12 per annum, the appointment to be left in the hands of the Fire Brigade Committee.

3.      That attention be given to culvert at junction of Bath & Oxford streets, so that a good supply of water runs down the channels in the latter street.

4.      That the Committee be instructed to draw up a scale of charges for the attendance of the Brigade at fires outside the Borough, & submit same to the council.

Reserves Committees Report re Municipal Reserves

The Reserves Committee recommended that eleven of the Municipal Reserves situated at various parts of the Borough be submitted at public auction for leasing for a period of 21 years with right of renewal for a further term of 21 years, upon certain conditions. The Committee brought down upset prices for the several reserves, and further recommended that the Council should have a measure of control regarding building, which might be hereafter erected by lessees.

On the motion of Cr. Hall seconded by Cr. Levy the report (with slight alterations) was adopted.

Drainage Report enquiry

The following resolutions were passed: Moved by the Mayor  & seconded by Cr. Ryder ‘That the Sanitation Committee by requested to consider the necessity of obtaining an Engineers Report on the Drainage and Sewerage of the Borough, and report to the next meeting of the Council.’


Moved by the Mayor seconded by Cr. Hudson ‘That I. Hook & T. Gregory be grated holidays from the 24th December to the 2nd January and that the Borough Offices be closed from the evening of the 23rd. December to the 2nd January.

High pressure water supply

The Mayer moved & Cr. Hall seconded ‘That this Council do now re-affirm the proposal already resolved upon re Mr Clime’s report on a High Pressure Water Supply for the Borough and that the question be submitted to the Ratepayers as soon as the Land Purchase Committee bring down their report and that the Committee consisting of the Mayor, councillors Williams Prouse & Mackenzie be requested to complete their investigations at as early a date as possible.’

This was carried, Cr. Williams dissenting on the ground that the resolution was unnecessary.

Notice of motion

Notice of Motion by Cr. Levy:- ‘That the Postmaster-General be written to requesting that the Post & Telegraph office be opened for business between the hours of 7pm & 8pm.’

Accounts passed for payment

Fire Brigade a/cs  
G. Milnes        block & tackle etc ₤1/13/-7
H. Anstice       spanners etc ₤1/-5/-6
United Fire Brigade Association sub. 
L.A. Bowen    12 months stps. ₤1/-3/-6
L.A. Bowen    Accident Insurance ₤2/-5/--
₤ 8/17/-7
E.J. August     office table   /14/-6
Victoria Insurance Company Premium on Cottage      
H.C. Gapper    C.Aid a/c         Mrs Watson ₤ 3/-2/-6
I. Hook            wages for December   
T. Gregory       wages for December
G. Astridge     wages for December   
P.K. Patton     wages for December 
₤ 8/10/-8
A. Musgrove   poundkeeper’s Salary to 31/12/07
₤ 2/10/--
P.W. Goldsmith          salary for December ₤11/-5/--


            Confirmed – Jan. 6th 1908

                                                Basil Gardener                        Mayor.

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