Meeting 46 - 7 October 1907

Minutes of meeting of the Council held on Monday evening 7th October 1907.

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PRESENT;  The Mayor (Mr B R Gardener) and Councillors Douglas, Hall, Hankins, Levy, Mackenzie, Hudson, Prouse, Ryder and Williams.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Amongst the correspondence a letter was received from Mr J Phillips asking permission to asphalt footpath.  Moved by the Mayor seconded by Cr Mackenzie and carried “That Mr J Philips be informed that he is allowed to asphalt the footpath in front of his business premises on condition that the work is done to the satisfaction of the Council; and further that the Council’s share of the cost will be made good to him when a general asphalting scheme takes place”.

The Chairman of the Lake Domain Board wrote asking the Council to make a contribution towards forming a road to the Lake.  Moved by the Mayor, seconded by Cr Mackenzie and carried “That this Council grants the sum of £10 towards the construction of the Lake Road, such payment to be made on the completion of the Road”.

Mr Anstice wrote quoting a price for making the strongroom door fireproof.  After discussion the following resolution on the motion of Cr Hudson seconded by Cr Prouse was carried. “That immediate steps be taken to make the strongroom fireproof and that the County Council be asked to contribute half the cost and that the estimated cost be submitted to the next meeting of this Council.

Mr C W Palmer wrote asking when the slaughter houses would be removed from Queen Street.  The Mayor moved, Cr Mackenzie seconded and it was carried “That Mr C W Palmer be informed of the decision of the Council as adopted at the meeting held on the 15th July 1907”.

Dalgety and Co. Ltd wrote asking permission to erect crush pens for speying, branding etc., in their saleyards.  The Mayor moved and Cr Williams seconded “That Messrs Dalgety and Co.’s application be dealt with at the next meeting of the Council, and in the meantime a report be obtained from the Inspector as to the likelihood of a nuisance being created by the proposed erections”.

As an amendment Cr Hall moved and Cr Mackenzie seconded “That Dalgety and Co.’s application to erect a crush pen be refused”.  The amendment was carried on the voices.

Moved by the Mayor and seconded by Cr Mackenzie “That a Fire Brigade Committee consisting of Councillors Douglas, Hall and Hankins be formed and that this Committee shall deal with the Fire Brigade Officers and Guarantors for taking over the Plant etc., and paying for the same.

Moved by Cr Hudson and seconded by Cr Hankins “That the Education Board be written to and urged to place the sections in the block known as the old Levin School Grounds on the market at as early a date as possible, as this Council have now done their part by making and metalling Chamberlain Street.         Carried.

Cr Prouse moved and Cr Douglas seconded “That public notice be given that all tanks and spouting in and around any buildings within the Borough be cleaned out on or before the 31st October 1907 and that all persons concerned failing to comply with this notice be prosecuted without further warning.”

Cr Hall moved and Cr Hudson seconded the following amendment which was carried : “That attention be drawn to ByLaw 40 in reference to cleaning spouting and tanks and that the By-law be enforced after 30 days from this notice being given.”

Cr Hankins raised the question of the fees charged for sites selected at the Public Cemetery. After some discussion it was resolved on the  motion  of Cr Hudson and seconded by Cr Prouse “That Cr Hankins complaint be referred to the Reserves Committee for a report.”

Cr Levy moved and Cr Prouse seconded “That the question of removal of house and shop rubbish by contract be referred to the Sanitation Committee for consideration”.            Carried

Cr Williams moved and Cr Levy seconded “That steps be taken to enforce all By-laws in the Borough and that no favour be shown to anyone”.                                                              Lost.

The Report of Mr W H Climie C.E. of Hawera  re High Pressure water supply and also Generating Electricity by water power from the Ohau River was read.  Mr Climie was also present.

The Report was discussed at some length.  The cost of a High Pressure Water supply suitable for the town was estimated by Mr Climie at nearly £16,000.  If water power were also needed the cost would be an additional £2,000.

The Mayor moved and Cr Mackenzie seconded  (1) “That in General     terms Mr Climie’s report be adopted, but that at present the scheme be not proceeded with further than acquiring the necessary land for headworks, line offpipes and a catchment area; and (2) That a land purchase committee consisting of Councillor Mackenzie, Williams, Prouse and the Mayor, be set up and that the said Committee be instructed to take the necessary steps to acquire the required area for the Water Works Scheme and report to the Council from time to time.”                                      Carried.

The Report of the Lighting Committee was read and on the motion of Cr Hankins, seconded by Cr Ryder the following resolution was carried “That a special meeting of the Council be held on Monday the 14th inst., to consider the Lighting Scheme as submitted by Mr Butcher and Mr Welch if their consent is obtained”.

The following accounts were passed for payment.

Laing Bros (Bal. metal contract)  
£31.  9.  6
Roberts (1 cord firewood 18/- rubber stamp 2/- 1.  0.  0
H C Gapper (c/aid a/c)Mrs Waken 4 wks
2.10.  0
Ed Burke         “         5 weeks @ 12/- 3.  0.  0
C Williams & Co.( c/aid) Mrs Bignall for Sep. 3.  0. 
Harris & Sussex (Mrs Timmins – 11 wks 5/6d)
3.  0.  6
P W Goldsmith (sal. Sept.) 11.  5.  0
G K Douglas – ladder etc., 1.  3.   2
Telephone Rent – 6 months to 31/3/08 2. 10.  0
W H Gallichan – cartage – culvert 
  2.  0
Hire of Century Hall (“Dominion” mtgs) 12.  6
West Coast Sawmillers Assn – Timber 2.  2. 11
A Musgrove (Poundkeeper – Sal to 30.09.07)        
2. 10.  0
I Hook – wages for September  
11.  5.  0
G Astridge   .. do .. 22.  0.  0
T Gregory    .. do ..
8.   8.  0
P K Patten - Lamplights
5. 14.   8
Levin Express Co – Cartage   
4.  12.  0
  £116. 5. 3
Cemetery Fund Account  
A. Tomlinson – plants/trees   £2.   7.   0


Confirmed : “Basil Gardener” – MAYOR  Oct 21, 1907

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