Minutes of Council Meeting - 6 August 1907

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Levin Borough Council held in the Council Chamber on Monday evening the 6th August 1907.

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PRESENT : The Mayor (Mr B R Gardener), Councillors Douglas, Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy, Prouse J, Ryder and Williams.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Re Bath St.

Amongst the correspondence was a letter from Mr W.H. Wilson asking that Bath Street be formed and metalled and the footpath by his new hotel made curbed and asphalted.

Councillor Levy moved by Cr Hall seconded “That Bath Street extension be formed and metalled”.  As an amendment Cr Hudson moved and Cr Hankins seconded “That Mr W.H. Wilson’s  letter be referred to the Streets Committee for report at next meeting”.

The amendment was carried on the following division :

                        Ayes (5)                                     Noes (4)

                Crs Hudson                         The Mayor

                      Hankins                       Crs Hall

                      Prouse                             Levy

                      Williams                           Douglas


The amendment was then put as the motion before the Council and was declared carried on the voices.

Health Department recommendations

A letter from the District Health Officer and the report of the Sanitary Inspector were considered.  Cr Levy moved and Cr Ryder seconded ”That the legal proceedings be taken against Mr C. Williams re the matter contained in the Sanitary Inspectors report”


Re Levin Cemetery

The Town Clerk reported on the necessity of pegging off a number of sections in the Levin Public Cemetery and made certain recommendations.  On the motion of the Mayor seconded by Cr Hall it was resolved “That the Town Clerk’s report on the Cemetery be referred to the Reserves Committee for consideration”.

Sanitary Pans

The Treasurers report showed the Bank overdraft to date to be            

£68.8.4 and the sum of £40 outstanding on account of Sanitary Pans.  Moved by Cr Hudson, seconded by Cr Hall “That steps be taken to recover amounts outstanding on account of sanitary pans supplied.


Re Tariff proposals

The following resolutions were carried:  The Mayor – Cr Williams : “That this Council enters a most emphatic protest against the proposed increased duty on cast iron pipes of a greater diameter than 5 inches, as this will mean a heavy tax in the near future to this and other local bodies who intend to make provision for the sanitation water supply, and lighting of their towns, and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Minister for Customs and Mr W.H. Field, M.H.R.”.

Small plans of Borough

Crs Williams – Prouse.  “That the cost be ascertained of getting small plans of the Borough for distribution at the different public buildings in the Borough”.


Crs Hankins – Hall. – “That the accounts be submitted to the Members of the Finance Committee for approval before being brought forward in open Council”.

General rate Struck

GENERAL RATE – 1907 – 8.

Moved by the Mayor, seconded by Cr Hudson and carried –

“That due notice having been given in accordance with the Statutory provisions of ‘The Rating Act, 1894’ this Council do now strike a general rate on all the ratable properties in the Borough of Levin of the sum of five farthings in the  £  on the Capital value for the period from the 1st day of April 1907 to the 31st Day of March 1908 the same to become due and payable in one instalment at the Borough Council Offices in Oxford Street on and after the 14th August 1907 and that the Rate Book is open to inspection during office hours as by law provided”.

Monthly and other accounts passed for payments were as follows viz :

H.C. Gapper & Co.                                             £ 2. 10.  0

Ed  Bourke                                                         2.   8.  0

T.Tuohy (for late C O’Briens board)                                2.   0.  0

Audit Department (Audit fees 1906-7)                     3.   6.  8

South British (Accident Insurance Prem)                 4.  17.  9

        ditto      Hooks cottage                                      10.  5

Ocean Accident Insurance                                    2.    9.  0

C.H.Williams – Lamp                                            3.   5.   0

T.North – gumboots                                             1.   4.   0

I W Thompson – printing                                      1.   8.   6

E.J.August – office furniture                                  8. 19.   0

Swanson and Bevan Ltd – goods                          15.  17. 10

W.Woollett – casting iron rails                                      5.   0

F. & W.Smith – trap line                                             5.   0

R.W.Bradley – coach hire                                           8.   0

Public School – Grant to classes                             2.   2.   0

Chapman & Walker -  scrim etc.,                                 7.   3

John Moore – fees                                               8.   0.   0

T.Hook – wages                                                 12.   3.   0

T.Gregory – ‘do’                                                 10. 16.   0

G.Astridge  - ‘do’                                                22.   0.   0

Levin Express Co.  – cartage                                 3.  15.   0

P.K. Patten – Lamp light                                       5.  15.   8

P.W. Goldsmith – salary                                       19.   0.    0

P.Owens – Tiro Tiro Road work                                  12.   6

District Wellington Hosp Bd (2nd instalment)            15.  15.   6

United C Aid Board                                              4.   6.   8

Miss Palmer – stationery                                             3.   2  




                                                                     £ 154. 10. 11



“Basil Gardener”

MAYOR                      August 19, 1907                          

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Minutes of Council Meeting - 6 August 1907

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