Minutes of Council Meeting - 1 May 1907

Minutes of the meeting of the Levin Borough Council held in the Council Chambers on Wednesday the 1st.May 1907 at 2 o’clock p.m.

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Councillors’ declarations

The following gentlemen who were duly elected at the recent election made the statutory declaration in the following order: viz Crs A.B. Hudson, Henry Dundas Mackenzie, Hugh Hall, John Ryder, Charles Williams, Geo. Kenmer Douglas, James Prouse and Enoch F. Levy.

Mr. I. G. Hankins who was also elected was absent from the meeting.

Mayoral Installation

The Council then received the Mayor elect, Mr. B. R. Gardener and senior Councillor Hudson received the statutory declaration from the Mayor and offered his congratulations on behalf of the Council to the re-elected Mayor. The Mayor in thanking the Council outlined the work of the coming year.


The Minutes of the last meeting were then read and confirmed.

Public Health Department

Amongst the correspondence a letter from the Public Health Department re services of a Sanitary Inspector led to the passing of the following resolution in the motion of Cr. Mackenzie seconded by Cr. Hudson ‘That the Public Health Dept. be made the same offer as last year relative to an inspector and that we ask for the same services as last year.’

Surfaceman’s Report

A short report from the Surfaceman was approved. Regarding work to be done it was also resolved in the motion of Cr. Hudson seconded by Cr. Hall ‘That the road overseer be instructed to prepare a report as to the state of the roads and the requirements for the year, such report to be at the service of the Roads Committee’.

Report of the Sanitary Inspector

The Sanitary Inspector’s report was read and the following resolution passed. Moved by Cr. Hudson seconded by Cr. Levy ‘That the Health Inspector’s report be referred to the Sanitation Committee for report and recommendation’.

Ranger Appointed

The appointment of a Ranger was considered in Committee. On resuming it was announced that two applications had been received and in the motion of Cr. Mackenzie seconded  by Cr. Hudson it was resolved ‘That Mr. C. Carmont be appointed Ranger to the Borough at a salary of £5 per annum and droving fees.

Signing Cheques

The following resolutions were passed: Crs. Mackenzie –Hudson. ‘That the Borough’s Banking accounts be operated on and cheques signed by Councillors Hall, Douglas, Levy and the Mayor, or any two of them.’

Lamplighter and Carting

The Mayor – Douglas. ‘That applications be called for the position of (1) Lamplighter also (2) from persons willing to do whatever carting is required. Applications to be in by the 20th. Inst.’

Local Charitable Aid

The Mayor – Cr. Mackenzie- ‘ That a small committee be set up to consider the question of local Charitable Aid, and report to the next meeting of the Council- such committee to consist of the Mayor and Crs. Prouse and Ryder.’

Meeting Adjourned

Crs. Hall- Williams. ‘That the ordinary meeting of the Council on Monday next stand adjourned until Monday the 20th. Inst.

Improvement of Council  Chambers

The Mayor- Cr. Hall. ‘That a committee be set up for the purpose of making recommendations for improving the Council  Chambers, such committee to consist of Councillors Hudson, Williams, Douglas, Hankins and the mover’.

Committees for the Year

After discussion on the motion of Mayor seconded by Cr. Hudson, the following committees for the year were set up: viz.

   Finance - Councillors Mackenzie, Hudson, Hankins and Prouse.

   Reserves - Crs. Hankins, Hudson, Prouse and Ryder.

   Sanitation - Crs. Mackenzie, Hall, Douglas and Levy.

   Lighting - Crs. Hudson, Mackenzie, Williams, Douglas and Hall.

   Library - Crs. Hall and Hankins, Williams and Levy.

   Roads, Footpaths and Water races - Crs. Prouse, Ryder, Levy and Williams.

 The Mayor to be a member of each committee.  

  Accounts passed for payment.

I. Hook wages £11-14.T. Gregory ditto £10-8-0                              £22-2-0

P. Patton do. £5-1-6. G. Astridge ditto £18-0-0.                             £23-1-6

Levin Express co.  Carting                                                               £ 2-16-0

 I.W. Thompson  Print and goods                                                        £6-0-0

 W.C.Nation and Co. Adverts etc less % discount                          £13-10-0

 C Williams and Co. goods 9/4 Clerk sal. £8-0-0.                               £ 8-9-4

 Winter and Close contract work                                                         £ 5-6-0

 Election expenses   Poll clerk etc.                                                       £ 1-0-0

Gapper and Co. Local C. Aid (Mrs. Watson )                                    £ 2-0-0

 Charitable Aid Board  1st. installment                                              £ 4-6-8

 Hospital Board                   ditto                                                      £15-15-6

                                                                                                        £ 104- 7 -0

   Also passed Cemetery a/c W Palmer coffin bier                                   £ 1-5-0

   Loan a/c Gapper and Co new range etc. for cottage                           £ 4-17-6

                                                                      Less disc                                  -1-6

                                                                                                               £ 4-16-0

  Confirmed   Basil R. Gardener   May 20th. 1907.    

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Minutes of Council Meeting - 1 May 1907

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