Minutes of Council Meeting -15 April 1907

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Levin Borough Council held in the Council Chambers on Monday the 15th. April 1907 at 8 o’clock p.m.

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Present- His Worship, The Mayor, Mr. B. R. Gardener, Councillors Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy, Mackenzie, Palmer, R. Prouse, J. Prouse and Ryder.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Proposed Conference of Charitable Aid Assessments

Amongst the correspondence a letter from the Eastbourne Borough Council was received in reference to the assessments by the Wellington Hospital Board. The following resolution on the motion of Cr. Hudson seconded by Cr. Levy was carried “that this Council deems it advisable that the question of Hospital and Charitable Aid contributions be discussed in conference.

Ranger Wilson’s resignation accepted
Mr Cecil Wilson wrote tendering his resignation as Borough Ranger.
On the motion of Cr Hall seconded by Cr  Hankins it was resolved” that Mr Wilson’s resignation as Ranger be accepted and that applications be called from persons willing to fill the position - same to come before the next meeting”.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer’s Report was placed before the Council and showed that the year closed (31st. March) with credit balances at the Council’s Bankers totalling £517-15-10.

Rates levied for the year £674- 4-10; rates paid £632-15-2, outstanding £41-9-8. The dogs registered to the 31st.March numbered 100, fees received £25. The Treasurer further reported that the Balance Sheet for the year was now being prepared.

First Meeting

Moved by the Mayor and seconded by Cr. Ryder ‘That the first meeting of the new Council be held in the Council Chambers on Wednesday afternoon the 1st. May next at 2 o’clock p.m.

It was decided not to enforce payment of coach licence, carters’ licence fees etc. immediately, although these fell due on the 1st April --days of grace to extend to end of May.

The following accounts were passed for payment:-

 P. Owens- 3rd. Progress Payment, Kawui Rd contract               £25- 0-0

 W &M Railway Co.   old rails                                                      £ 5-5-0

 G. Astridge Goods etc.                                                                 £ 2-18-6

 A Musgrove   Loss impounded stock sale                                   £ 2-14-6

 Petty cash                                                                                       £ 2-0-0

 I. T. Smith      coach hire                                                                  12-6



                                                                                                   £ 38-10-6


The Mayor thanked Councillors for their support and courtesy during the year. The Councillors congratulated the Mayor on his management of the Council’s business. On the Mayor retiring and the Chair being taken by senior Councillor Ryder the Mayor’s expenses were considered and the following resolution was passed unanimously. Moved by Cr. Levy and seconded by Cr. Hankins ’That His Worship The Mayor be granted the sum of £15-15-0 for expenses incurred during his term of office’.

This concluded the business.

Confirmed    Basil R. Gardener      Mayor


                                    May 1st 1907.          

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